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Free Bird Walk Ringtone

free bird walk ringtone

    free bird
  • "Free Bird" (also spelled "Freebird") is a song by the American southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was first featured on the band's debut album (Pronounced 'Leh-'nerd 'Skin-'nerd) in 1973, and has been included on subsequent albums released by the band.

  • Internet Leaks is the third EP from "Weird Al" Yankovic. It was released digitally on August 25, 2009, although all of the songs were initially released as separate digital singles between October 2008 and August 2009.

  • A sound made by a mobile phone when an incoming call is received

  • A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.

  • Ringtone is a 2010 Malayalam film by Ajmal starring Suresh Gopi, Bala and debutant Megha Nair.

  • base on balls: (baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls; "he worked the pitcher for a base on balls"

  • Used to indicate the time that it will take someone to reach a place on foot or the distance that they must travel

  • A route recommended or marked out for recreational walking

  • the act of traveling by foot; "walking is a healthy form of exercise"

  • use one's feet to advance; advance by steps; "Walk, don't run!"; "We walked instead of driving"; "She walks with a slight limp"; "The patient cannot walk yet"; "Walk over to the cabinet"

  • An act of traveling or an excursion on foot

free bird

free bird

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be travelling on, now,
cause theres too many places Ive got to see.
But, if I stayed here with you,
Things just couldnt be the same.
cause Im as free as a bird now,
And this bird you can not change.
Lord knows, I cant change.

Bye, bye, its been a sweet love.
Though this feeling I cant change.
But please dont take it badly,
cause lord knows Im to blame.
But, if I stayed here with you,
Things just couldnt be the same.
Cause Im as free as a bird now,
And this bird youll never change.
And this bird you can not change.
Lord knows, I cant change.
Lord help me, I cant change

Yes, I know it's cheesy to post this picture with these lyrics and it should probably be an eagle flying, but this is all I had and I've had "Free Bird" stuck in my head since the Skynyrd concert last night.

Free Bird

Free Bird

Not in good quality of photo..
Dont worry to give comment or favr.. I just post it because I want to see my good times on internet... : ))

It was around 7 pm but not toally dark in May in Japan..
at the moment I was about to free the bird (toy bird). The bird flied justl ike real flying in the sky.. The bird was not real but my feeling of joy to free something was real..

Koyadai park is a small park near the hostel of training center I stayed in Japan and I often walked there .. For how long.. I stayed from the period my hair was very very short like high school girl till my hair was long... (7 months)

Well haircut in Japan was very expensive.. : D

Koyadai Park
Tsukuba, Japan

free bird walk ringtone

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