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Black Pumps With Red Underneath. Piston Water Pump Parts. Diesel Injection Pump Test Bench.

Black Pumps With Red Underneath

black pumps with red underneath

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Current Setup

Current Setup

And so here is the way the room looks now. I have some test prints up on the wall showing how changing contrast via the Magenta and Yellow filters affects the overall exposure, using f-stop exposure timing, which I like. (You may notice the numbers for the f-stop sequence I like on the dry-erase board. I think it's: +1/3, +1/2, +2/3, +5/6 and + 1 1/3, for base 8 sec exposure.)
Also notice the yummy chemistry.

I found a Gralab 500 timer for the enlarger, which is AMAZING, and a 300 which I use for developing prints.

I have two safe-lights, a red lightbulb (Safelight Jr.?) and a Kodak can with a 15 watt bulb and OC filter. I was surprised at how bright the Kodak is compared to the red light, but it passes all my 5 minute fog tests, so I'm happy.

I use a Thermos full of hot water to regulate the temp of the chem. I just pour some hot water into a wide bottom beaker and put that in the trays. In a couple minutes, boom, 68 degrees. (20C for you who know).

The water pump system is great. I wired the pump up to a switch, so a flick is all it takes to get fresh water flowing. I use a bucket underneath as a waste receptacle, and only use distilled water for the critical steps. I also added some vinyl tiles to the surface of the worktable for spills, and thrills.

There was no power at all in this part of the garage so I had to run an extension line inside the room and wire up some outlets and a switch for the main light.

The post it notes are indispensable to me! I have written down everything from film developing time to Imperial/Metric volume conversions, how many ml for the 5x7 and 8x10 trays, and ratio and dilution formulae for the chemistry.
Remember that movie Memento?? Thats me.

I LOVE this room!!!



The nice thing about seated shots in this kind of outfit is the skirt flows so nicely.

Tried an interesting idea here...the skirt was originally bought with a bright red jacket...the one that always makes the figure look so good. The red satin blouse always gets compliments...and I decided to wear it open with a camisole underneath. Does it work?

Other accessories are the red headband, black-and-white jewelry, black hose and red spike pumps (same as style as the pink ones from this morning).

black pumps with red underneath

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