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Gt Trick Bikes

gt trick bikes

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Bikes at the BBQ

Bikes at the BBQ

Some of the coolest bikes show up at the Victoria Garden City Rally's BBQ. Oh. And Mark's Kawasaki was also there (he loaned it to me, but he owes me anyway!). Props to the folks on the ride for understanding about my bringing a "motorcycle" to their rally. They were cool. At least it's a 2-stroke! Sure, OK, it has a couple extra cylinders, though!

The Chairman, Martin Aparijo, Pedal-Picker, GT World Tour 1988,

The Chairman, Martin Aparijo, Pedal-Picker, GT World Tour 1988,

This was the GT freestyle tour in Fort Worth 1988. Martin Aparijo was a freestyle hero of many kids, including myself. I learned Decades because of the Chairman! I will always admire the Pedal Picker and the Miami-Hop Hop..super great style, I'd pay to see Martin bust out in 2010..donde esta Martin?

gt trick bikes

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