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Italian Bike Companies

italian bike companies

    bike companies
  • (Bike Company) BIKE Athletic Company (the Bike Company) is a sportswear company with headquarters in Atlanta, GA. They invented the jockstrap in 1874 for bicyclists in Boston. They remain the market leader, having sold over 300 million jockstraps.

  • the Romance language spoken in Italy

  • a native or inhabitant of Italy

  • Of or relating to Italy, its people, or their language

  • of or pertaining to or characteristic of Italy or its people or culture or language; "Italian cooking"



The true birth of Laverda as a serious big bike brand occurred with the introduction of 750 cc; its appearance halted sales of the recently introduced 650. Many of the first bikes were produced for the American market under the brand "American Eagle", which were imported to the US from 1968 until 1969 by Jack McCormack. The 750 was identical to the 650 except for the lower compression and carburettor rejetting. In 1969 the "750 S" and the "750 GT" were born, both equipped with an engine which would truly start the Laverda fame. Both engine and frame were reworked: power was increased to 60 bhp (45 kW) for the S. 3 bikes were entered by the factory at the 1969 Dutch 24 hour endurance race in Oss, the 750S was clearly the fastest bike until piston failure left just one machine to finish fourth. Just like the agricultural machinery made by the other family business, Laverdas were built to be indestructible. The parallel twin cylinder engine featured no less than five main bearings (four crankcase bearings and a needle-roller outrigger bearing in the primary chaincase cover), a duplex cam chain, and a starter motor easily twice as powerful as needed. Of course, this made the engine and subsequently the entire bike heavy, heavier than, say, a Ducati 750 of the same vintage, but they were reliable and stable.
Laverda 750 SFC

The SF evolved to include disc brakes and cast alloy wheels. Developed from the 750S road bike was the 750 SFC (super freni competizione), a half-faired racer that was developed to win endurance events like the Oss 24 hours, Barcelona 24 hours and the Bol D'Or at Le Mans. This it did, often placed first, second and third in the same race, and dominating the international endurance race circuit in 1971. Distinguished by its characteristic orange paint which would become the company's race department colour, its smooth aerodynamic fairing and upswept exhaust, the SFC was Laverda's flagship product and best advertisement, flaunting pedigree and the message of durability, quality, and exclusivity. The SFC "Series 15,000" was featured in the Genheim Museum in New York's 1999 exhibit The Art of the Motorcycle as one of the most iconic bikes of the 1970s

Laverda is an Italian manufacturer of Combine harvesters and a past manufacturer of high performance motorcycles. The agricultural equipment brand is famous for quality, simplicity, and efficiency; while the motorcycles in their day gained a reputation for being robust and innovative.

The Laverda brand was absorbed by Piaggio, when in 2004, Piaggio absorbed Aprilia. Since, Piaggio has elected to quietly close all activities related to the Laverda brand, and has publicly stated that they would be willing to sell the rights to the brand if an investor should appear. Currently redirects to Aprilia's website.

Prestigio Bikes: Carbon bikes

Prestigio Bikes: Carbon bikes

Frames in high-performance carbon cycling.
Michele Bartoli found his motivation in Paulo Coelho's "The Manual of the Warrior of light" .
The "warrior of light" lives in each and every one of us. It is called forth every time life challenges us, and it offers us the right reasons to look ahead and focus on ambitious goals that may seem unattainable.
Today Michele Bartoli has found the same motivation in Prestigio and has put his experience and skill at the disposal of the company.
Two ambitious protagonists with a single goal: to create a "custom built" frame. The road experience of a true champion, on the one hand, together with the design engineering and the applied technology of Prestigio on the other, have allowed the Bartoli Altair model to be created.
This "custom built" frame has been designed by taking full advantage of the experience of a thirty-year career, it has been tested according to the most complex dynamics, it is built with the craftsmanship of times past and all of its parts are airbrush painted in Italy: 100% Italian! The Bartoli Altair is a wrapped frame with T 1000 tubes finished with technical details with the aim of obtaining maximum rigidity, great stability and absolute reactivity in all riding situations.
Telaio fasciato con geometrie su misura e garanzia a vita. Il telaio in carbonio Bartoli Altair ha un peso di 850 grammi ed e coperto da assicurazione furto e Kasco. Geometrie su misura.

italian bike companies

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