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The Bike Path Killer : Green Mongoose Bikes : Cannondale F5 Bike 2011.

The Bike Path Killer

the bike path killer

    bike path
  • A path or road for bicycles and not motor vehicles

  • Completed in 1995, formerly an old railroad route between Elyria and Kipton, Ohio, that is popular with Oberlin’s cyclists, joggers, and dog walkers. Stretches 3.2 miles and was incorporated into the Lorain County Metro Park System as part of the North Coast Inland Trail bike path.

  • A path segregated from motorized traffic for the use of bikes, sometimes shared with pedestrians.

  • Segregated cycle facilities are roads, tracks, paths or marked lanes designated for use by cyclists from which motorised traffic is generally excluded.

  • cause of death: the causal agent resulting in death; "heart disease is the biggest killer in the United States"

  • a difficulty that is hard to deal with; "that exam was a real killer"

  • A person, animal, or thing that kills

  • someone who causes the death of a person or animal

  • A formidable or excellent person or thing

  • A hilarious joke

purbeck Panorama1

purbeck Panorama1

Have been meaning to Cycle more of the Isle of Purbeck. Planned this ride here a couple of weeks back, not knowing it was going to be one of the hottest days of the year. Walk there often but mainly along the beach. Left Misses Thisview and her friend to walk to Swanage and we'd meet up at the end of the day. Had a route in my head from ordanance survey maps but soon discovered that there were so many landmarks to help. Obviously the Sea, then Satellite masts, Isle of Purbeck Golf course, Oil wells and the main one being Ballard Down. A big spine that leads away from the coast to Nine Barrow Down and then Corfe and further. Parked just the other side of Sandbanks and crossed on the chain link ferry to Studland. Headed along the road for a mile or so then turned right onto open sometimes sandy heathland. This dragged up to the Studland to Corfe road. Fantastic views but behind me, will ride this again the other way next time. Along the road for half a mile then left up steep climbs to Nine Barrow Down with 360 degree breathtaking views. Along the ridge then pretty soon Corfe Castle in sight and downhill all the way to Corfe. Up to Corfe, drop down the footpath by the Castle then on the road to Church Knowle, Bradle and Kimmeridge. Pretty lumpy but no killer long climbs. Dropping down to Kimmeridge I can now see the South West Coast path that will start my return. Bike carry up many steep steps and take in the views of the coast. At a high point now and can see the terrain of the big headlands, narrow path and shear drop to certain death on my right. Hammered downhill quicker than Danny Hart, no not really too scary. Quite a few walkers to so took it easy. A couple of bike carry's, the big one being Hounds Tout and down the 176 steps on the other side. Had planned to drink and eat at the top of Hounds Tout only to realise I'd lost my drinks bottle shouldering my bike. Had been sweating for about 3 hours now. Wouldn't find any drinks further along the coast for miles so headed in land to Kingston, there's is a great Pub there. The Scott Arms. Two pints of Lemonade and Orange, then a Lucozade Energy and a bottle of water. On the road back to Swanage then Ulwell and another drink stop, to find a path up Ballard Down and a last push up to the top. At a high point again. Downhill to Old Harrys Rocks. Bit more path then onto the road back to the Ferry. My Garmin locked up during the ride, but guess about 28 miles. Plenty more to discover there on mtb or road bike. I'll be back on a nice chilly day though.

Tlingit Totem Pole

Tlingit Totem Pole

This totem pole is erected further down the bike path. It's a bit of a walk to get here. The sun was starting to go down by the time we got to it.

Alaska Indian Arts, Inc. in Haines, Alaska fashioned the 32 foot toem pole in 1975.

The carvings are the authentic work of Tlingit Indians (Tlingit is pronounced Tuh-lin-git with a hard "g".) [Although I've always heard it K'-lin-git.]

John Hagen, Ed Kasko and Cliff Thomas were the principal carvers of the works of art on red cedar, which are painted in traditional colors once produced with mineral paints.

Originally situated at Pier 48, the totem pole was relocated here in June, 2009.

From top to bottom the totem pole is broken down and explained:

Eagle represents a main clan of the Tlingit tribe.

Brown Bear denotes the great size of Alaska, holding a "Tinnah" or money piece as a symbol of the great wealth of the great land.

Killer Whale portrays tenacity and great strength.

Hawk depicts sharp eyesight and perception of our future.

Grizzly Bear typifies bravery, but holds a Mosquito to warn people all is not easy.

Strong Boy was ridiculed by all as being a dolt and for being lazy. Strong Boy exercised in secret and when his uncle was swallows by a Sea Lion, all the other nephews ran. Strong Boy seized the Sea Lion by the tail and tore it in half, letting his uncle out alive.

the bike path killer

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