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Ucsb bike map. Gas bike net.

Ucsb Bike Map

ucsb bike map

  • The University of California, Santa Barbara, commonly known as UCSB or UC Santa Barbara, is a public research university and one of the 10 general campuses of the University of California system. The main campus is located on a site in Santa Barbara, California, northwest of Los Angeles.

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6119 UCSB: Storke Stonehenge?

6119 UCSB: Storke Stonehenge?

Before looking at this UCSB aerial photo, I'd never noticed how the boulevard from Isla Vista aligns with Storke Tower and the distant Anacapa Island on the horizon. Did the broad and leafy road once lead directly to the heart of campus?



UCSB has an awesome location. This area was once inhabited by the Chumash but has since changed hands to the Spanish then the university. There's a lagoon in there that has been noted in the ethnographic record.

ucsb bike map

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