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ponedjeljak, 28.04.2008.

I don't believe in the extinction of species...
My investigations of late have shown that some of these so-called 'extinct' animals are simply living under changed names... They'd moved away and assumed new identities.
Our civilization is a series of broken marriages, this should be no surprise...
Partners have long grown apart, and not only sexually. It is only normal that kids and animals should be looking for new habitats to colonize.
If you take a Greenland whale and cut his belly open, you'll learn that many fish find it very homely in there.
I have a picture at home of a Great Blue Heron with an eel in its beak.
I took it half a second before the eel was gone out of sight.
It's all in that half-a-second.
Half a second later one animal has disappeared inside another and was undetectable to the naked eye.
That's how it works.
Two become one, or move into fractions, and mess with our calculus.
It is common fact that that the most amazing creatures walk in our streets daily, and especially at night. We're just never at the window at the right time.

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Big Book of Bull - stripovi, poezija i bacanje noževa

Dragi čitaoci,

ako Vas zanimaju strip, poezija i Impalement Arts, na pravom ste mjestu! Autor ovih napisa je teoretićar, praktikant i pedagog na sva tri područja, a još k tome i veoma produktivan blogger, pa če Vaša znatiželja svakako biti utažena. Objavljivao je u Kvartalu, Kvadratu, TkalčaNEWS-u i Plavom oglasniku, izlagao se opasnosti na većem broju izložaba diljem Europe, a svoj prvi nož bacio je, navodno, tokom jednog ručka još davne 1979. godine i uspješno pogodio nepokretni cilj, s kojim još živi u istome kućanstvu.


Dear reader,

Welcome to my Big Book of Bull. Please avail yourself of the full range of my facilities. Use them, but don't abuse them, excuse my typing and racy allusions (as the French say: Je ne peux pas gober mes parapluies!), do not discard my thoughts simply because I am an intellectual, qui porte sur son épaule un pétit singe, Coco, and feel free to communicate any of yours.

The Bookstore link will take you to a list of second-hands I'd like to get rid off. All prices are open to haggling and fair exchange is always welcome.
Clicking on the Rantings link will point your browser to a list of my scientific and professional papers, and soon hopefully some books, as well as some of my literary attempts. I am a student of history of art and literature and if I broke my work down into key words those would be: Comics theory, Platinum Age comics, Semiotics of the early comic strip, and Andrija Maurović (a late Croatian comic book artist). You might find my literary rantings of interest if you like the work of: James Joyce, E. D. D. Multatuli, Charles Dickens, W. M. Thackeray, Danilo Kiš, or Edward Said.
The Art section will present my drawings, and the Links will (surprisingly enough) point you to things on the internet that I find interesting, salient and liquid.

Your friend and mine,

Davor Aslanovski



ou, comme on dit en Suisse, comment ça va ? Bienvenue ŕ mon grand livre de la merde. Veuillez se servir de la gamme complčte de mes équipements. Employez-les, mais économisez certains pour les enfants, ne voyagez pas en bateau si vous portez le plaid, habitez en Bulgarie si vous portez des raies, et si vous allez sur un safari - ne tuez pas les animaux pentadactyles.
Ne rejetez pas mes pensées simplement parce que je suis un intellectuel, ou parce que mon pčre est un célibataire, et si vous avez des larmes, assurez-vous qu'elles sont prętes.
Ceci est un blog sur des bandes dessinées, la poésie et le lancement des couteaux, et si vous pensez déja: "Oh, non, pas le trottoir roulant, quel non-sens!" - Bisous!


Lieber Leser,

du bist nicht allein! Du bist schön von Kopf bis Fuß. Ganz genau. Alles klar, Herr Kommissar? Polizisten unter Verdacht. Natürlich blond. Na und?
B.B.B. ist ein blog. Comics, Poesie und Messerwerfen - ich mag alle drei, und mehr. Sauerkraut das Powerkraut, Spinoza ist kein Akademiker, ich erkläre.
Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber Sie wissen, was ich meine... Welche Art eines Fisches ist Pavian? Ich weiß nicht für sicheres - mein Blumengarten ist nicht in meinem Kopf, es ist in meinen Unterhosen.
Ohne viel weiteres Aufheben, ich lasse Sie mit den Damen.
Journalismus ist kein Beruf.


Come siete,

benvenuti al mio libro grande di voi conosce che cosa... č tutto degno voi conosce che cosa - se non avete voi conosce che cosa...
Io odio Zagor...
Sergio Bonelli balla con la sua nonna, ci č niente sulla stufa, ed i pomodori sono come le pietre.
L'ultimo fumettista italiano grande era Michelangelo.
L'ultimo uomo grande dall'Italia era Michelangelo.
Ed lui era un omosessuale.
Se non accosentite, siete un omosessuale.
Di ciao!



ˇDé la bienvenida a todas las mujeres hermosas bronceadas! żQuién sabe qué enfermedades usted traerá? żCómo usted dice "Sergio Bonelli is a fairy" en espańol? Does he have a magic wand? No, no, significo un homosexual... żCómo usted dice eso? El wham, el bam, gracias maam. Y para él: No, gracias, maam.
żLa lluvia en Espańa realmente permanece principalmente en el llano?





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