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Nitto Grappler Tires For Sale

nitto grappler tires for sale

    for sale
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nitto grappler tires for sale - Gerber 30-000333

Gerber 30-000333 Grappler Multi Plier with Sheath

Gerber 30-000333 Grappler Multi Plier with Sheath

Gerber Legendary Blades 30-000333 Multipurpose Tool 30-000333 Networking Hand Tools

Built for easy handling and versatile performance, the Gerber (30-000333) Grappler Multi Plier comes with a tough nylon sheath. It features a dependable vise grip and a sturdy blade, and the pliers can be quickly and securely snapped into ready position using just one hand. Offering a total of 12 components, it's ready to deliver job-specific performance in a broad range of situations.
callout box top
(30-000333) Grappler Multi Plier with Sheath
At a Glance:
Half-serrated blade
V-cut wire cutter
Vise-grip locking pliers
Large flat driver
Wire stripper
Ruler (inches and centimeters)
Phillips driver
Pry bar
Nail puller
Bottle opener
Nylon sheath

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Gerber (30-000333) Grappler Multi Plier with SheathGerber (30-000333) Grappler Multi Plier with Sheath

When fully opened these pliers are 6 inches long and have 12 components to perform a wide range of tasks.

Gerber (30-000333) Grappler Multi Plier with Sheath

Compact and durable, these Gerber pliers weigh just 10.5 ounces. View larger.
Fast, Convenient One-Hand Plier Opening
Backed by Gerber's legacy of innovative engineering, the Grappler is a smart, fast-acting update to the classic multi plier. Its clever design features a one-finger open/close button that allows you to snap the vise-grip pliers into place using a single hand, leaving your other hand free to stabilize the workpiece in front of you, keep fasteners at the ready, or hold a flashlight. This set of pliers also includes a locking plier adjustment screw, so you can lock it down for a tight bite on any screw that measures 5/8-inch or smaller.
Sturdy, Half-Serrated Knife Blade
The Grappler's sturdy knife blade is big enough to tackle the same cutting tasks as a dedicated pocketknife. It features a half-serrated edge for making quick cuts through rope and other fibrous materials. Offering the best of both worlds without the weight of two blades, the half of the blade that has a fine edge allows for accurate detail work and easy sharpening.
12-Tools-in-One for Job-Specific Performance
Whether you're backpacking or doing other work, using the wrong tool to try and complete a job can be frustrating, time consuming, and even dangerous--which is where the Grappler's true multi-tool design comes in. With 12 components designed to deliver application-specific performance across a broad range of job types, it helps ensure that you never cut yourself using a blade as a pry bar or break a knife tip while attempting to tighten a screw.
Beyond its tough, sharp blade and vise-grip pliers, the Grappler offers a set of V-cut wire cutters, a wire stripper, a nail puller, a pry bar, a Phillips driver, a file, a large flat driver, a bottle opener, and ruler with both inches and centimeters. Each component features a liner lock, so you can trust that the tool won't fold on you while you work.
Compact, Elegant, and Durable Design
Offering good looks as well as great performance, the Grappler features a dependable stainless steel construction with a sleek, satin finish. It measures a length of 6 inches when open and 5 inches when closed, allowing the tool to fit comfortably in your hand during use and comfortably in your pocket between uses. It weighs in at just 10.5 ounces and comes with a durable nylon sheath.
What's in the Box
Gerber (30-000333) Grappler Multi Plier with Sheath

76% (8)

07 f150 6inch Pro Comp Stage2 lift - coilovers nitto trail grapplers

07 f150 6inch Pro Comp Stage2 lift - coilovers nitto trail grapplers

close up of the front coilover system for the pro comp stage 2 lift kit. dark grey springs and black hats, front brake line relocation kit and 35inch nitto trail grapplers



Side view with the wheels needing more meat... These 4 wheels are currently for sale... asking 700... Nitto Grappler Tires on KMC 18in rims... year old wheels... :)

nitto grappler tires for sale

nitto grappler tires for sale

The Grappler's Book of Strangles and Chokes

In The Grappler s Book of Strangles and Chokes, Steve Scott makes it easy to learn the most effective and popular chokes and strangles of modern grappling. For those new to grappling, he begins with the basics of gaining control, including the key points of controlling your opponent s body by controlling his neck. Then he teaches you over a hundred chokes and strangles organized into four broad categories: naked strangles and chokes, trap chokes and strangles, label strangles and chokes and triangle chokes and strangles. Coach Scott wraps up with effective defenses you can use to prevent your opponent from applying a choke or strangle to you. This book is a comprehensive, in-depth look at chokes and strangles that really work in gi and no-gi combat sports, allowing you to use them in a wide variety of situations, including self-defense and street applications. Every set up, application, variation and defense has been used successfully in all levels of competitive judo, submission grappling, sport jujitsu and mixed martial arts. A skillfully applied choke, strangle or sleeper hold will take even the biggest toughest opponent. Like they say; "What you see is what you get." And what you get is a book on some of the most effective ways of strangling opponents in any form of personal or sport combat.

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