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Grant Money For Home Repair : Pc Repair Tools : Scuffed Bumper Repair.

Grant Money For Home Repair

grant money for home repair

    grant money
  • Grants are funds by one party (Grant Makers), often a Government Department, Corporation, Foundation or Trust, to a , often (but not always) a nonprofit entity, educational institution, business or an individual.

  • The National Science Foundation: Grant Money ^JG

    home repair
  • Home repair involves the diagnosis and resolution of problems in a home, and is related to home maintenance to avoid such problems.

  • Home Repair is American poet and novelist Liz Rosenberg's first novel for adults. It is about a middle-aged woman, Eve, and how she deals with being divorced, raising a family, dating, and caring for her elderly mother.

  • This refers to fixing problems with existing homes. Frequently we've come across complaints from some of our comptetitors that maybe used lower quality materials, or rushed a job, without taking care in their craftsmanship.

Saint Mary's, Roscommon

Saint Mary's, Roscommon

Fr Ambrose Coleman, O.P.
FOUNDED in 1253, by Phelim O'Connor, king of Connaught, son of Cathal Crovedearg.

1257. The monastery of Mary in Roscommon was consecrated by Thomas O'Conor [bishop of Elphin] for the Friars Preachers.

1261. Murarius Duach O'Konneker was prior.

1265. The founder was interred here this year. He "died, after the victory of unction and penance in the Monastery of the Friars Preachers of St. Dominick at Roscommon, which he himself had dedicated to God and granted to that Order." Annals of the Four Masters. His monument still remains and is a fine piece of Irish work of the thirteenth century. The recumbent figure of the monarch lies on the tomb, in front of which are carved eight gallowglasses in the dress of their time.

1266. Amongst the fourteen documents (two orders to pay and twelve receipts) relative to crusade money, in the custody of the Friars Preachers, Dublin, which the prior and community caused to be transcribed, sealed with the common seal and forwarded to John, bishop of Clonfert, Papal Nuncio, in Ireland, on the Feast of SS. Fabian and Sebastian [Jan. 20], A.D. 1275, the following is the eighth :
"To all who shall see or hear the present letters, Thomas, by Divine permission, bishop of Lismore, executor of the business of the Cross [Crusade] in Ireland, health in the Lord. Know that we have received at At[h]lon[e], on the day of SS. Processus and Martinian [July 2], A.D. 1266, from the friars Eneas, then prior, and Comdinus, subprior, of the Friars Preachers of Roscoman [sic], 92 marks of Crusade money, collected by themselves and -their other friars up to said time, within their limitation and not beyond.

We have also received from the same friars 17 shillings and 10 pence of Crusade money, collected by the prior and friars of the same Order of the house of Slygaht [Sligo], within the limitation of same and not beyond.
" In testimony whereof, etc. given the day, year and place, aforesaid."

Eneas, there can be little doubt, was Gilla-na-naem (Devotee of the saints) ; Comdinus, there can be no doubt was Gilla-in-Coimded (Devotee of the Lord). The collection, the text shows, was made by quest, otherwise it could not be known whether the donors resided within the limit. It is deeply to be regretted that the friars did not supply transcripts of the names of the respective localities, persons and amounts. Data of the kind, needless to say, would have been of the utmost historical value.

1269. Imhar O'Birn, servant and confidential man to Aedh O' Conor, withdrew from the world, from the midst of his children and affluence, after resolving to pass his life in Roscommon, in the monastery of the Friars Preachers., Annals of Lock Ce.

1270. "Item, domus fratrum et villa de Roscoman combusta est." Annales de Monte Fernando.

1274. Eogan, son of Ruaidhri Ua Concobair, king of Connaught for a quarter of a year, was killed in the Monastery of the Friars in Roscomain, by his own kinsmen. Annals of Ulster.

1275. May 27. "The King had learned by letters of the bishop of Elphin and of James de Audley, formerly justiciary of Ireland, that during the troubles between the said James and him who called himself King of Connaught, the former took from the church of the Dominicans of Roscommon ?7 8s. 11d., out of moneys deposited there by poor persons of that country, through fear of the troubles ; that the said James further took from that church wheat and other provisions, worth ?8 2s. 7d., timber worth ?16, oats worth ?4 6s. 8d., and wheat worth ?1 4s. 4d., all which were converted to the use of James and the army which accompanied him. The King now commands his treasurer of Ireland to make without delay due restitution, as well to the Dominicans as to the owners of the above property."

In 1282, there is an entry in the treasurer's books to the effect that the Dominicans received this year at Easter 40 shillings, in part payment of the debt of Roscommon, and there is another entry of the same kind two years later.

1293. A provincial .chapter was held here.

1308. A bolt of fire [lightning] fell on the Monastery of the Friars in Roscomain, so that it broke down the monastery. Annals of Ulster. According to the Annals of Loch Ce and Mageoghegan, this happened at night, on the eve of St. Stephen's Day.

1348. Simon, O.P., prior of Roscommon abbey, was appointed to the see of Cloyne and consecrated. It was discovered, however, that the bishop of that see was not dead, and as Derry was vacant, Simon was appointed to the latter see, on Dec. 18th of the following year.

1395. Gregory Ileyan, [or I'Lathnan], bishop of Kilmacduagh, was buried here.

1409. O'Conor Roe and O'Kelly pitched a camp around Roscommon, on which occasion they destroyed the corn of the town and of the monastery, lest intelligence (of their doings) should reach the castle. Annals of the Four Masters.

1410. Tiege, chief

UNHCR News Story: UNHCR welcomes resumption of return movements in northern Sri Lanka

UNHCR News Story: UNHCR welcomes resumption of return movements in northern Sri Lanka

Returnees wait to receive their shelter grant last year in northern Sri Lanka.
UNHCR / S. Perera / November 2009

UNHCR welcomes resumption of return movements in northern Sri Lanka

GENEVA, April 27 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency on Tuesday welcomed the resumption of government-led return movements in northern Sri Lanka, following a three-week pause for the general election, the Sinhala holiday and the Tamil New Year. Some 7,000 internally displaced people (IDP) have returned to their homes in the districts of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu since the operation resumed last week.

Some 207,000 IDPs have left camps in the north and east of the country since the organized return process began in August last year. They have either returned to their homes or are staying with friends and relatives in Vavuniya, Mannar, Jaffna and other districts.

"People are returning to areas which suffered major destruction," UNHCR spokesperson, Andrej Mahecic, told journalists in Geneva. "To assist them to rebuild their lives, we are providing each returning family with a shelter cash grant of 25,000 rupees [$US220] through the state Bank of Ceylon. More than 40,000 families had already received the cash grant by March," he added.

In the past month, UNHCR was forced to suspend this assistance due to a funding shortfall, but thanks to recent contributions by donors, the refugee agency will be restarting the shelter cash grants by the end of the week. Most of these funds will be used to assist some 10,000 families who have returned to their homes but have not yet received the grant due to the suspension.

"There are still some 82,000 people living in the camps or with host families in the north and more returns are expected to take place this year. However, more funds are urgently needed for families who are expected to return in the coming weeks and months," Mahecic stressed.

A recent UNHCR assessment showed that although some families used the cash grants to start repairing their houses or to construct new shelters, others use the grant according to their own priorities. Many returnees purchased bicycles, which allows them to access services, transport goods and re-establish social networks. Some families may also use the money to pay for labour for land clearance or invest it in starting up small businesses.

Meanwhile, UNHCR continues to distribute other relief aid to returnees such as plastic mats, mosquito nets, clothing and jungle clearing tools. Mine clearance efforts are continuing as well as the government's reconstruction of infrastructure after years of war. Livelihood activities and general services such as transport, health and education are still lacking in most of the return areas. Addressing these issues will help anchor the returns.

"During return monitoring, many communities tell us about the issues they are facing upon return. For instance, single women as heads of households in the Vanni region say they have few opportunities to generate income upon return. They also face challenges in obtaining certain types of documentation, such as death certificates for their deceased husbands," Mahecic said, adding: "These documents are necessary to become eligible for widow's allowances and governmental support."

In the final fighting of the long war last April and May, about 280,000 people had been displaced. They ended up in more than 40 camps, mainly in the Menik Farm site in the Vavuniya region.

The camps are now hosting less than one third of their initial population. Returns and the subsequent decongestion eased the pressure on the health, food and water services. IDPs continue to use the pass system to leave and re-enter the camps.

grant money for home repair

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