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Wheel Repair Solutions

wheel repair solutions

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1939 BSA roadster

1939 BSA roadster

Today's work; fitted the Philidyne rim dynamo plus the front and rear lamps after mending the broken bracket on the rear lamp, fitted a big brass Lucas bell in place of the smaller chromed Lucas one which had a very dead tone. I have also cleaned the rust (well most of it) off the front rim using wire wool but had not done it when I took this photo. Also, after I took this photo, I noticed bad cracking in the leather around the nose of the original BSA saddle; if I allow this to remain the saddle will eventually split. So I have replaced it with a well used but sound Brookes B90 for the time being while I assess the situation. Another job will be to wire up the lamps to the dynamo, but that's for later.

first solution to our problem

first solution to our problem

So we pulled out one of our wedding gifts, a wet/dry shop vac (thanks Ross and Lyssa Zimmerman!) and we sucked up the water and gunk many times and had to wheel it to the downstairs bathroom to empty it and go back (jer had to lift it as I am still on weight restriction, I held the hoses and the electric plugs)

wheel repair solutions

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