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Finish Line Bike Shop

finish line bike shop

    finish line
  • A line marking the end of a race

  • finishing line: a line indicating the location of the finish of a race

  • Set the Twilight Reeling is a 1996 album by rock and roll singer Lou Reed.

  • Finish Line, Inc. is the second largest athletic retailer based in the United States, with international headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company, founded in 1976 by Alan Cohen and David Klapper, operates over 600 stores in 48 states under the Finish Line name.

    bike shop
  • A local bike shop or local bicycle shop is a small business specializing in bicycle sale, maintenance and parts. The expression distinguishes small bicycle shops from large chains and mail-order or online vendors is abbreviated LBS.

finish line bike shop - Finish Line

Finish Line Shop Anti-Seize Assembly Lubricant: 8oz w/brush applicator

Finish Line Shop Anti-Seize Assembly Lubricant: 8oz w/brush applicator

Finish Line's Anti-Seize Assembly Lubricant prevents cold-welding, galling, and seizing of metal to metal contact parts, especially those subject to extreme pressures and moist conditions such as bolt threads, seatposts, pedals, bottom brackets, etc. For all metals, but essential when attaching reactive metals like titanium, aluminum, stainless steel and specialty alloys and magnesium. Available in a 6.5cc Sachet 3-Pack or 8oz Brush-Top Can. • Prevents cold welding, galling and seizing of threaded parts • Excellent for use on parts subjected to extreme pressures and moist conditions • Use on all metals; aluminum, titanium, carbon steel, magnesium

81% (11)

Over 500 miles to Idaho by Bike. Sept - Oct 2007

Over 500 miles to Idaho by Bike. Sept - Oct 2007

P9250280. Photo: Matt and Carye on the Washinton/Idaho state line. Centennial Trail Spokane to Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.

A Bike tour From Portland (Troutdale) to Bonner's Ferry, Idaho. Eleven days of riding 530 miles (plus 40 miles of hitching). The return was made on the Empire Builder Amtrak train at Sandpoint, ID.

For the tour Matt and Carye bought new custom built Bike Friday ( folding bikes that are made in Eugene, Oregon. Neither Carye or Matt own cars, so investing in a reliable, flexible bike for travel was important. However the bikes arrived two days before leaving, so getting used to new bikes while on the road, was literally a pain in the butt! By the end of the trip, gears, seat and handle bar placement, and proper riding shoes were figured out. Everyday of the ride had awesome weather (not too hot, not rainy), and Carye and Matt met many friendly people, ate as much pizza and icecream as desired, and enjoyed some beautiful scenery (though Washington wheat fields get dull to the eyes after 20 miles). The fourth day brought bad luck - 4 flats (at once!) caused by Goathead thorns, and wind in the face most the day. Also a family of earwigs hitched a ride in C & M's camping gear, and it took about a week to finally see the last one. Idaho is a cyclist paradise (what a secret). From The State Border near Coere D'Alene to just before Bonner's Ferry, there were many bike paths, nice scenery, and most flat routes.

Day 1:Troutdale to Hood River (55.6 miles)
Highlights: Gorgeous Columbia River (Get the bike map from ODOT). Ride to Council Crest, Ride by Falls, bike-ped paths on the old historic highway.

The campground listed on the bike map for Hood River was not there. We decided to treat ourselves and stayed at the Hood River downtown hotel. Hood River is a super nice town - though sad the Carousel Art Museum is closed and moving elsewhere. Also on this route, between Cascade Locks and Wyeth, do not take the Wyeth Bench Rd (aka Herman Creek Rd), it is a horrible grade hill, and you are better off taking the I-84. Note about I-84, it's not the most pleasant experience, but it's not bad, In order to bike to Hood River, you will need to get on I-84 at several points - The shoulder is pretty wide at most places, and it's a good idea to wear some bright orange!

Day 2: Hood River to Maryhill, WA (52.5 miles)
Highlights: The old historic highway section is really neat: it goes through the Mosier Tunnels (now just for ped/bike), The section through Mosier town, and to Rowena's Crest was on low traffic streets. No need to get on I-84 at all all the way to the Dalles.

The crossing over to Washington on the bridge in the Dalles was difficult. It was so windy and the sidewalk so narrow we had to walk. Biking to hwy 14 across the wind was also difficult. But once on hwy 14 heading East, the wind was at our bikes, and we cruised past the Maryhill Museum (Too late in the day to stop!) and stayed at the Maryhill State Park (back down by the river).

Day 3: Maryhill to Crow Butte (58.2 miles)
Highlights: Cruising sometimes 20 miles an hour easily with the wind at our back on Hwy 14. Lovely more deserty scenery, waving to trains. A Stop at Stonehenge.

From the campground, we hitched a ride in a pickup back up the top of the hill to hwy 14. The road was a major truck route, and the shoulder was pretty much missing for the first section of the hill, we decided htiching was the safest option. We enjoyed stopping at America's Stonehenge. I had been there before, but never thought I'd bike all the way! Crow Butte park was father than we thought. We could see it, but then had to ride about 4 miles all the way around and out to it. The RV park was expensive, and did not offer "primitive camper" sites.

Day 4: Crow Butte, WA to Hat Rock Park, OR
Highlights: Early morning hike past deer to the top of Crow Butte. Discovering the way over the I-82 - there is a bike route, but you need to go on the may freeway before the bike route appears, then you exit, cross under and go over on the otherside. Umatilla was nice little town to check out. At first we were excited about the Lewis & Clark Bike/Ped Bath, but it turned into a bad situation.

The wind in the gorge changed from E to W today, so we had to push hard for 20 miles, going about 5-8 miles an hour. Very hard reality after the day before. The road moved away from the Gorge and was now less interesting. Onion (Walla Walla) trucks passed us all day, leaving onion skin trails. We crossed back to Oregon, and instead of the main road decided to follow the Lewis & Clark trail to Hat Rock State Park. Unfortunately it turned into a bad idea. The path was badly marked and kept changing from paved to shared road, to bark-dirt to gravel. After a gravel section we discovered that we had rode through thorns and had 4 flats at once. We pulled out 15-30 thorns and only had two new tubes, One tube needed to be patched 7 times. We were able

Paris Sport Tack Bike

Paris Sport Tack Bike

Finally finishing up this build the way I wanted it to be. Been streetworthy since just before xmas, but with parts I had from other builds. The angles and clearances on this are pretty lax, so I went for more of a townie/cafe racer look. It's getting saddle loops and a bag for extra tire, etc, next.

This was built in the 70's by Dangre-Starnord in France and imported by Vic Fraysee under the Paris-Sport name. It was later repainted by one of the Cuevas brothers in the 90's, hence the Cuevas decals. Hung in Fraysee's shop for a few years before making it way to SF. Here the details:

• Frame- Vitus tubing, with Bocama Lugs, Nervex bottom bracket shell, dropouts and fork crown.

• Drivetrain- Campy C-Record Pista BB (early campy pista BB don't work with T.A. Cranks),Tevano Pista cranks (specialities T.A.'s short lived top of the line brand) 165mm, 144 BCD with a TA chainring, Tevano crank bolts and tevano dust caps. T.A. Track pedals, Christophe Leather covered toe clips. Phil Cog and NOS Sachs PC-1 gold track chain. Errebi Sprint straps (need to be replaced)

• Campagnolo Super Record track headset

• Mailliard Team Issue 700 Professional Track hubs, 36h. Laced 3x to Super Champion Prestige tubular rims and continental giro tires.

• Ideale model 90 Saddle with Stronglight single bolt fluted seatpost, campy binder bolt (needs to be replaced with a simplex one)

• MAFAC brake lever, later version, drillium with Spidel/MAFAC side pull brake, pads upgraded to cool stop duratype.

• Unknown French porteur rack

• Cinelli 1r stem and Cinelli "Priest" handlebars. Toshi leather tape, brass bell from Velo-Orange (thanks Chris). I also have a set of steel Philippe Professional track bars with a Philippe steel stem, but the drop is steeper than Cinelli Milano steel track stem, not very street friendly (not pictured).

• Vintage St. Christopher medal on DT, (need to find a Madonna del Ghisallo one!)

Tried to keep the majority of it period correct and french, but some things are just better, phil cog (phil wood always had love for the french but also makes better cogs), and the campy pista stuff.

finish line bike shop

finish line bike shop

Finish Line Ceramic WAX Bicycle Chain Lube 2oz Drip Squeeze Bottle

Finish Line’s Ceramic-WAX is an advanced wax-based lubricant featuring nano-sized platelets of ceramic boron nitride and micron particles of fluoropolymer. Ceramic WAX creates a coating with an extremely low coefficient of friction. Every time Ceramic WAX is applied, the ceramic coating is enhanced, ultimately providing the durability of many oil-based lubricants! Ceramic WAX ensures total drivetrain cleanliness without the ‘distance’ compromise that other wax lubricants require. With Finish Line Ceramic WAX there is no ‘wetness’ or stickiness on your chain or parts, so dirt or grime are not attracted or absorbed by the lubricant. By avoiding abrasive wear, parts run more smoothly and last much longer! And Ceramic WAX is engineered to not have a wax film that will buildup over time. The technology that defines Ceramic WAX is so unique and leading edge it’s patented!

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