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Kids Bikes 14 Inch

kids bikes 14 inch

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Xtracycle with fat front 14

Xtracycle with fat front 14

Maiden voyage on the Xtracycle with an Endomorph on the front. I have ridden in the snow at least a hundred times with Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tires front and rear. It has never felt this stable on fresh snow.

With just me it was not that big of a deal to have the front slip around a little but with the girls on the back it was always nerve racking in fresh loose snow. Tonight with them on the back and the fresh snow loosely packed down to about 1 to 2 inches the bike was very stable going straight. Making turns I still need to slow way down or the front wants to slide still because of so much weight in the back with two girls.

I plan on getting the Larry tire when the are available again. I think that will help even more.

kids bikes 14 inch

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