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Simple dishes to cook : How to cook fish fillets : Head cook job description

Simple Dishes To Cook

simple dishes to cook

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Greens and Beans, Cooking

Greens and Beans, Cooking

I simmered the beans in chicken broth with tomato paste and minced garlic. Once they were tender, I added in some swiss chard (organic and also from the Regional Market). The broth, tomato paste and garlic had cooked down enough to form a thin sauce (I’m pretty sure I added some basil and oregano and black pepper at this point). I tossed in some al dente cooked whole wheat Bionaturae gobbetti pasta (purchased from the SRFC!) and finished it with extra virgin olive oil and shreds of mozzarella di bufala from Lombardi’s. Verdict: yummy!

Unfortunately you can’t really see the beans all that well in the last photo, but they are there and they added a great flavor to this simple dish. They had a fresh note that dried beans just don’t have (which is not to say anything bad about dried beans) and melded well with the sauce and greens. I’ll be on the lookout for these again and maybe next year I’ll be able to grow some of my own fresh beans in a container out on our porch.

How to Cook Flatbread

How to Cook Flatbread

As this chef was hurriedly preparing meals, he took a few moments with every dish to share some of his personal tips with me. Right before he put all of these dishes in the masonry oven, he showed me how to tell when flatbread is done cooking; it's simple: lift one side, and if the flatbread remains stiff, it's done. If it bends in the middle, she ain't done just yet.

I can't say I'd call myself a cook after that evening, but it was certainly interesting watching the pros at work.

simple dishes to cook

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