How To Clean A White Leather Purse : Steam Clean Grout.

How To Clean A White Leather Purse

how to clean a white leather purse

    white leather
  • a leather that has been treated with alum and/or salt

    how to
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White Buff Leather Cat Ears

White Buff Leather Cat Ears

These cat ears are made from three to four ounce thick vegetable tanned genuine leather. Water shaped to hold their form but still be slightly flexible. The exterior has been painted white and laboriously coated with thick velvety flocking. The lower outer ear rim has been cut and sculpted with the notch that real cat ears have.

Each ear is pierced twice. The right ear has a mini silver tone stud and a small clear synthetic crystal stud with a silver tone back through the outer ear rim near the tip. The left ear has two small silver tone rings on the outer ear rim near the tip.

The inner surface is embossed with a pattern to simulate veining, colored white with Cova environmentally friendly paint, dusted with shimmering tan buff and sealed with a gloss coat . Hand shaped white feathers have been adhered to the inner edge of the ears.

The position of ears determine the emotion they project, so these ears are positionable and not on a head band which offers greater choice of expression to the wearer.

The bottom leather which sits flush against the head adds strength to the ear shape. The inner edge has a crescent cut pattern. Running through the piece is two rows of leather pin loops. Fasten the ears to the head by pinning them to your hair. Several strong hold Conair bobby pins will be included with your purchase so make sure you fasten them adequately to prevent slippage. I find crossing the pins into an x shape in several points through the loops works best for me but experiment to find your own preference:)

Dimensions: 2 1/2 inches tall. The base of each is slightly wider than 2 inches. The depth is slightly less than 2 inches. Light in weight.

These ears were hand shaped and are a one of a kind piece.

All White?

All White?

White Leather Pocket for Bold 9700 / Bold 9780/ Curve 3G 9300 9330 / Curve 8520 / Curve 8530

Day 18 of 365.

how to clean a white leather purse

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