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Deep Clean Face Wash

deep clean face wash

    deep clean
  • On Sundays, students perform a more thorough cleaning at all of the facilities. This includes washing the vans, cleaning out the refrigerator, yard-work, etc.

    face wash
  • A cleanser is a facial care product that is used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other types of pollutants from the skin of the face. This helps to unclog pores and prevent skin conditions such as acne.

  • When a player rubs his hockey glove over the face of an opponent.

deep clean face wash - Dove Men

Dove Men and Care Body and Face Wash, Deep Clean, 18 Ounce (Pack of 3)

Dove Men and Care Body and Face Wash, Deep Clean, 18 Ounce (Pack of 3)

A body and face wash developed for men's skin with Micromoisture technology. Micromoisture activates on skin when lathering up, clinically proven to fight skin dryness. Deep cleansing gel that rinses off easily. With purifying grains. Dermatologist recommended. Did you know by reducing your shower 2 minutes you can save an average of 40 gallons of water a week?

The Dove® Men+Care Deep Clean Body Wash with MICROMOISTURE technology is clinically proven to fight skin dryness better than regular men's body wash. This ultra-light formula rinses off easily for a refreshing clean and total skin comfort. For best results, use this body wash with the Dove® Men+Care Active Clean Shower Tool.
Deel Clean Body Wash
Refreshing cleansing gel rinses off easily.
MEN+CARE Body Wash Family
MICROMOSTURE activates on skin when lathering up. Droplets are precisely sized to deliver optimum moisture without feeling heavy.


MEN+CARE Products

Deep Clean Body Wash

Ultra-light formula rinses easily and cleanly
MICROMOISTURE activates when lathering
For best results, use with Active Clean Shower Tool
Fights dryness better than regular body wash
Available sizes: 13.5 ounces and 18 ounces


Clinically Proven to Fight Dryness
Specially formulated with proprietary technology and designed especially for men, the Dove® Men+Care Deep Clean Body Wash both cleans and protects skin. It provides the refreshment men want, and like all products in the Dove® Men+Care line, is clinically proven to fight skin dryness without irritation or tightness.

Recommended by dermatologists, Deep Clean Body Wash provides total skin comfort. It's the only men's body wash with ultra-light MICROMOISTURE technology, a unique gel that activates directly on skin during lather to guard against skin discomfort.

Rinses Clean
With its rich lather and moisturizers, Deep Clean Body Wash pampers skin as it cleanses. It also rinses off easily and completely, leaving only clean, refreshed skin behind. And it's effective and gentle enough to use every day.

About Dove® Men+Care
The Dove® Men+Care products are specially formulated to provide total skin comfort and a refreshing clean, without irritation or tightness. This innovative product collection includes Body and Face Wash with MICROMOISTURE technology, Body and Face Bar, and a Shower Tool.

What's in the Box
One pack containing three 18-ounce bottles of Dove® Men+Care Deep Clean Body Wash.

83% (14)

Picacho Del Diablo- East Face

Picacho Del Diablo- East Face

We climbed to the peak from the desert side using the Canyon Del Diablo to Slot Wash approach. Near the top our progress was impeded by some deep snow in the chutes, but at least it was sunny with warm air (35° - 45° F) so the snow was soft although very wet and feeling cold on the hands and feet.

It took 5 days 4 nights and the hiking was extremely difficult. Not for the faint at heart; even I was scared at one crux on the granite face that blocks east entrance to the canyon. (I never get scared.)

We really didn't know if we would make the peak or not until the last moments. And on summit day we did suffer quite a bit in finding our way back to our campsite late in the dark. I'm just so glad that the mountain did not defeat us. For much of the trip, reaching the top seemed unlikely.

Besides summiting, the highlight was swimming in a deep pool of crystal pure water in the low desert part near the canyon entrance on our last day, shortly before reaching our Jeep at the trailhead. That feeling of diving into the pool of water was like a dream come true! It was just heavenly to be in that pure mountain water getting cleaned off, drinking, and swimming all at the same time. After days of backpacking exertion and getting all sweaty with the same clothes on, and literally crawling around in the dirt, you don't know how heavenly it feels to get refreshed in this pure water.

Faces of the world - India Mumbai Dhobi Ghat - worker takes shower in the pool of the laundr

Faces of the world - India Mumbai Dhobi Ghat - worker takes shower in the pool of the laundr

In the heart of the throbbing megapolis of Mumbai exists a community many centuries old. They donrt share the same religion or even the same language. What brings them together is their profession: they wash clothes. This is Mumbai's largest open air launderette and the busy dhobis, or washer men, stand knee-deep in water thwaak-ing away incessantly, cleaning the loads of dirty laundry that come to Dhobhi Ghat from across the city. It is only 9 am, but the laundry lines are already full of colorful loads. The Dhobi Ghat is undoubtedly a unique space. Over 10,000 people and 200 families of different religions and from various regions of India make their livelihood on these 10 acres, creating an atmosphere rich in color, sound, movement, smells, and people. At the Mahalaxmi dhobi ghat a million pieces of laundry are washed and dried every day by dhobi wallahs - laundry workers. The biggest clients are hotels - napkins, towels, and sheets. There are 800 washing stalls at the installation which was built by the British 130 years ago

deep clean face wash

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