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How do you clean a turkey - Cleaning tips for the house.

How Do You Clean A Turkey

how do you clean a turkey

    how do
  • "Willow's Song" is a ballad by American composer Paul Giovanni for the 1973 film The Wicker Man. It is adapted from a poem by George Peele, part of his play The Old Wives' Tale (printed 1595).

  • (How does) a better "Vocabulary" help me?

  • (How does) PowerGUARD™ Power Conditioning work?

  • The flesh of the turkey as food

  • large gallinaceous bird with fan-shaped tail; widely domesticated for food

  • A large mainly domesticated game bird native to North America, having a bald head and (in the male) red wattles. It is prized as food, esp. on festive occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • Something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful, esp. a play or movie

  • a Eurasian republic in Asia Minor and the Balkans; on the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1918, the Young Turks, led by Kemal Ataturk, established a republic in 1923

  • joker: a person who does something thoughtless or annoying; "some joker is blocking the driveway"

  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking

  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing

  • free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"

  • clean and jerk: a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead

  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"

how do you clean a turkey - OXO Good

OXO Good Grips Turkey Baster with Cleaning Brush

OXO Good Grips Turkey Baster with Cleaning Brush

Turkey Baster, Unique Bulb Shape & Collar Make It Easy To Grip The Baster 2 Different Ways For Maximum Comfort & Control, Bulb Is Flat To Prevent Baster From Rolling, The Tube Is Made Of Crack Resistant, High Heat Plastic For Superior Performance, Standard & Metric Measurement Markings, Dishwasher Safe, Carded.

The gadget innovators at Oxo have restructured the basic turkey baster to provide more comfortable use and easier cleanup. In addition to a nonslip grip, this 12-1/2-inch Good Grips baster features a distinct design: the suction tube fits into a plastic collar, which attaches to a squeeze bulb. The collar-and-bulb construction allows for both a soft and a firm grip, while the bulb’s oval shape keeps it from rolling around the countertop. The clear suction tube holds up to 1-1/2 ounces and has clearly printed measurement markings in both standard and metric units. Made from crack- and heat-resistant plastic, the whole piece disassembles for easy cleaning by hand or in the top rack of the dishwasher. The baster even comes with its own wire cleaning brush stored inside. --Emily Bedard

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Formula 1 Grand Prix, Turkey

Formula 1 Grand Prix, Turkey

Podium: champagne for Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Juan Pablo Montoya
F1 > Turkish GP, 2005-08-21 (Istanbul Otodrom): Sunday race

Turkish Grand Prix FIA winners' press conference transcript with

1. Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren), 1h24m34.454s
2. Fernando Alonso (Renault), 1h24m53.063s
3. Juan Pablo Montoya (McLaren), 1h24m54.089s

Q: Kimi, it was also your third start to finish of the year but you didn't actually lead from the pole. Tell us about the start first of all?

Kimi Raikkonen: Yeah, I didn't get exactly the best start, I got a bit of wheelspin and then Fisichella got past me and Alonso got alongside me but I was hoping and then on the first lap Fisichella ran wide at the exit of turn nine I think and I got beside him and I didn't pass him because they were much faster on the straight line so I was actually behind both of them braking into turn 12 but then from the middle I could brake later and got the first place.

Q: What were your thoughts at that point in the race, you had to be aggressive, you were out for the win?

Kimi Raikkonen: Yeah, I was quite confident that we would have the speed and we would have enough fuel in the car but of course you never know so you have to go for it if you have the chance and not trust your feelings and in the end it paid off well.

Q: In that first stage of the race Fernando was very near you, what was the thinking at McLaren? Did you think they were going to come in earlier than you?

Kimi Raikkonen: We thought they would be similar to us but now, afterwards, I think we have been very quick all weekend and we had quite a big advantage on speed so the only place where they could have got us at the start of the race was at the end of the back straight. They seemed a bit quicker there, but as long as I had a big enough gap to hold them back I thought I would be okay and just waited for the pit stop. Luckily enough we could run much longer and that was enough.

Q: And how was the circuit from a physical point of view?

Kimi Raikkonen: Not too bad, we had some padding on the headrest and I even didn't try to hold my head on the corner exit because that is a much easier way to make life more difficult if you have a chance to take it easy. Otherwise it was not very hot actually, it was pretty easy.

Q: Fernando, a great second place but right at the end of the race?

Fernando Alonso: Yeah, it was a nice surprise at the end. I saw the yellow flags on the straight but you cannot see the corner because it is a little bit uphill. It surprised me when I saw Montoya and the Jordan there and they had spun. It was two laps from the end. I nearly overtook Montoya but it was not possible and then it came to turn eight and I think he had damage in his car, he didn't have the perfect car in turn eight so went wide and I overtook him, so it was a nice surprise at the end but it is a little bit disappointing because we were not fighting with the McLarens, we were a bit slower than them, but this result is much better.

Q: It was an exciting early phase of the race to watch, you were right behind Kimi but as we now know you did come in earlier. What were your thoughts at that point in the race, did you think it was going to be difficult given your fuel load?

Fernando Alonso: Yes, I think the first lap was okay with Fisi (Giancarlo Fisichella) in P1. We knew that we were going to be quicker maybe than Kimi in the first stint because we were lighter so we tried to do our best in the first corners and we did it but in turn 12 Kimi was in front of us again so everything started again and I was able to follow Kimi but it was not possible to overtake in the first ten laps.

Q: And how was the circuit in the race distance, a physical test?

Fernando Alonso: It was okay. I think for the neck it is one of the hardest, as Brazil, because we run anticlockwise so we need to be a little bit more concentrated on these types of corners, and it was not too hot so it was okay and because it was quite an exciting race it didn't seem too long to me.

Q: Juan Pablo, a great qualifying lap as it turns out, you were out early yesterday when the track was slow but you had a lot of fuel on board and you were looking like a very strong second place there when you came up to lap Tiago Monteiro at the end of the race.

Juan Pablo Montoya: Yeah, it is a bit disappointing. I was in a difficult position yesterday in qualifying and even like that with the fuel the car had the speed for it I thought it was looking really good for today, I had too much graining at the start of the race so I couldn't really push because it was just wearing the front. When the front came up the car was very quick, I managed to set the fastest lap of the race and we were looking quite good. At the end we were just cruising to the end, passed Monteiro and he did just a bit like what Verstappen did to me a few years back. I did the first few corners fine then went into t

a small story

a small story

She walks out, leaving forever, says, "I'm doing you the biggest favor in your life."
I roll over and fall asleep, the pillow still wet from her tears.
I'm awake at 2am in an insomniac fit.
All the drinks are empty.
At least a dozen vacant bottles.
So I walk to the corner market and I'm the only customer in the store.
I have a tiny cart and put ten bottles of Wild Turkey in it.
Then I grab an extra bottle.
At the checkout, all those little impulse items, I take a package of condoms and some beef jerky.
The cashier asks me if I have ID.
I show it to him and notice he only reads the birthdate.
The cashier asks me cash or credit.
The cashier asks for my ID again.
He just reads the name and makes sure it matches the card.
No one ever looks at the picture.
I leave, pushing my little cart down the street.
Two cops pull over, one fat and one short and ask to see my ID.
Do I have a choice?
They run it through a machine without even looking at it.
No warrants, they say, but just in case, what's in the bags.
Eleven bottles of Wild Turkey, some condoms and some beef jerky, I say.
I think this guy is a pervert, the short cop whispers, loud enough that I can hear.
What are you, some kind of pervert? the large one asks.
I plead the 5th.
The cops take me down to the station, sirens blaring.
They say it's just in case.
For several hours they grill me with questions about murdered people.
All I know is what I read in the papers, I say.
This isn't the guy, the one cop whispers, still not quite quiet enough.
You aren't the guy, the other cop says, arms crossed.
The short cop holds up a black and white mugshot.
This man, fat cop says, has been causing terror all over town.
He's killed eleven people already, the other cop mutters.
We thought you were him.
There is a likeness, I say, but how did you get his photograph if you don't know his name?
You can go, says the fat cop.
Can I have my groceries back? I ask.
You can have one bottle.
That's all I need.
I'm forced to walk back to the hotel, about five miles from the station.
I decide to drink.
By the time I have finished half the bottle I start having paranoid delusions that around every corner, down every filthy alley is the serial killer.
I imagine my doppelganger stabbing me with long sharp fingernail knives.
Deep into my neck he thrusts until the blades poke out the other side.
Each step increases my paranoia and my pace, until I am running for my life down empty streets.
It's very quiet.
Then I trip and fall flat on my face.
The Wild Turkey bottle shatters and inch long slivers stab into my neck.
The alcohol seeps warm into my jacket.
I pull the glass out painlessly and I don't bleed much.
The sun rises the moment I return to the hotel.
I go back to my room, which has been cleaned by the maid.
There is a tiny mint on my pillow.

how do you clean a turkey

how do you clean a turkey

Calphalon Roasting Rack

Who wants their roast drowning in grease? Instead elevate the meat, and benefit both flavor and fat content.

To roast is to surround food with dry heat. Covering a turkey or joint of meat steams or braises rather than roasts, and placing it into a pan without a rack causes the lower part to boil in juices--that's why a rack is essential for proper roasting. This 12-by-9-inch rack ensures a holiday turkey, duck, chicken, or rib roast will emerge from the oven evenly browned and fill the kitchen with an irresistible aroma. It's nonstick, so poultry skin shouldn't tear when the bird is lifted to a carving platter. If necessary, scour this rack with a nonabrasive cleanser and a nylon or plastic scrubber; hand wash with mild detergent to preserve the nonstick surface. --Fred Brack

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