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Best Way To Clean Walls Before Painting - Elite Window Cleaning.

Best Way To Clean Walls Before Painting

best way to clean walls before painting

    best way
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Fresh 97 (1997)

Fresh 97 (1997)

At 20ft x 10ft, this is the biggest canvas I have painted to date.

It was for Fresh ‘97 which was arguably the best hiphop event ever to take place in the UK, at least since the 80’s. I’ll post more images from the event and go into what made it so special in future posts.

It was painted free-hanging and I could only get a few steps back from it while working so the first time I got to see it was when it was unrolled at the venue.

While I was critiquing it, a unique type of voice rolled out from behind me, “Yo man, that’s tight“. It was Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 who were performing in the UK for the first time. I got on great with them and we had a really good laugh during the event.

We took Nu-Mark out to sample the ghetto end of British beer (I arranged a taste test of Tennant’s Super, Special Brew etc so he could compare them to malt liquor over in the States). I had a minor beef with Akil because I dropped, “More like back stage arse than back stage pass” at some groupie he was chatting. “You didn’t have to go there”, he kept saying over and over.

He was right, I didn’t have to. But I often did!

I was getting some pressure to do a stereotypical hiphop jam crowd scene - classic Mode 2 territory - a bit of a cliche going all the way back to the Mantronik “Needle to the Groove” cover and most likely way before that even.

However, I wanted to try to do something a bit different plus having done a site visit, I realised that the crowd would have been so far back from it that the detail would have been lost. Therefore I decided to do big 10ft high figures in a clean, flat style. However, the canvas proportions were wrong so the DJ ended up being relegated to the background which I wasn’t happy about. All the elements are represented though.

best way to clean walls before painting

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