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Really expensive watch : Citizen eco ladies watches.

Really Expensive Watch

really expensive watch

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What I've been reading...

What I've been reading...

Yes, I read for pleasure, haha.

The Old Man and the Sea:
Pure classic. Nice, short read.

Beer And Circus:
This book completely destroys the credibility of all major universities' undergraduate education. It really teaches people how to look critically at major universities and what they are interested in (prestige, not education).

Friday Night Lights:
Really depressing book, but so well written. It's amazing how the small town lives and dies by their high school football program. True story, as well.

Mere Anarchy, Getting Even and Without Feathers:
Woody Allen is, in my opinion, the best all around comedian the world has ever seen. His movies, stories and interviews are hilarious. Getting Even should be read by everybody that likes humorous writing.

Franz Kafka's Complete Stories:
Such an interesting character. His stories are truly dark and unique. Favorites of mine are The Metamorphosis and Before The Law.

The Watch and Cult Watches:
Watches are my favorite things in the world . Everything about them, the designs,engineering and history all fascinate me. Unfortunately it is an incredibly expensive interest and I am but a poor college student. One day, I'll be able to afford the hobby...hopefully.

Edgar Allen Poe's Complete Tales and Poems:
I've always liked Poe's stories since I read The Pit and the Pendulum which was filled with suspense and a sense of impeding danger. But some of his stories are completely boring, like one where he writes in Irish slang, its impossible to understand. The Raven is a nice poem as well.

the old watch rides again

the old watch rides again

this is an old watch my grandfather gave me a couple of weeks ago... i had cleaned, the internal workings given a once over... and guess what... it ticks... which is so cool

i don't think it's an expensive watch, but i'm really into restoring things at the moment, i have a bike from the 50's, and two camera's from around the same vintage..

reverse lens macro

really expensive watch

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