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Remington Pocket Watches

remington pocket watches

    pocket watches
  • A watch on a chain, intended to be carried in the pocket of a jacket or vest

  • (pocket watch) a watch that is carried in a small watch pocket

  • A highly regarded widely used set of warm-up exercises for wind players.

  • was an American brand of typewriter.

  • Frederic (1861–1909), US painter, sculptor, and writer. He painted scenes of the American West such as “Cavalry Charge on the Southern Plains” (1907). His notable sculptures include “Bronco Buster” (1895) and “Comin' Through the Rye” (1902). He also wrote The Way of an Indian (1906)

  • (The Remingtons) The Remingtons was an American country music group founded by Jimmy Griffin, Richard Mainegra, and Rick Yancey, all of whom played guitar and sang.

Remington, watch, silver dollars PL 0560

Remington, watch, silver dollars PL 0560

Reproduction 1859 Remington cap and ball black powder revolver. This revolver was used by both the North and South in the US Civil War. Those used by the South frequently had brass receivers due to the shortage of steel in the South, and this construction yieded an inferior product to those made of all steel. The Remington revolver was often considered to possess a stronger frame than the more famous Colt revolver owing to the steel top strap located above the cylinder, and which was abscent in the Colt.

The revolvers were frequently carried by the calvary due to the relative ease of use on horseback as opposed to the cap and ball rifles which predominated at that time. Both the Colt and Remington revolvers had removable cyinders, allowing extras to be loaded in preparation for battle.

The table on which it sits is a family antique having belonged to my great-grandmother (I was born in 1955). There were no nails used in its construction- all fastening is done via wood dowel, as was common at that time.

Daddy's Watch (Wishing We Could Keep Time)

Daddy's Watch (Wishing We Could Keep Time)

My Daddy's Remington pocket watch. It still keeps perfect time. It reminds me that we do not have unlimited time with those we love. We need to make sure we use every minute in a good way. I have always been so grateful that I told my parents how much they meant to me. There cannot be too many kisses or too much time.

MSH August 2011 #13 - Keeping Time

remington pocket watches

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