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Old School Transformers Toys

old school transformers toys

    transformers toys
  • The is a line of toys produced by the American toy company Hasbro. The Transformers toyline was originally created and produced by Japanese company Takara Tomy (Formerly Takara) and branded as Diaclone and Microman.

    old school
  • a class of people favoring traditional ideas

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  • Danger Doom (styled as DANGERDOOM) is a musical collaboration between DJ and producer Danger Mouse and rapper MF Doom. Their first album, The Mouse and the Mask, was released in 2005 , and followed by the Occult Hymn EP in 2006.

  • Used, usually approvingly, to refer to someone or something that is old-fashioned or traditional

Old and new school

Old and new school

I know, I know, this picture would've been a million times better if I'd used G1 Prime...but unfortunately my old Prime is missing in the wilds of my attic, so Magnus here will have to be his stand-in.

Animated Prime is a great action figure, but I have to wonder how many toys from this line will survive their owners childhood the way many of my old transformers did.

I guess time will tell.

Wheeljack - Robot mode

Wheeljack - Robot mode

After a very long time away, classic Transformers G1 character Wheeljack gets a new deluxe class toy.

This Wheeljack figure is a retool of "Reveal the Shield" Tracks with slightly different features.

Pictured in robot mode, Wheeljack has a pair of wrenches to homage his old school scientist/engineer character traits.

old school transformers toys

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