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Old Toys Online

old toys online

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081125 181512

081125 181512

Space trolls in my old Moonraker Corgi toy. Somehow that toy survived my childhood. I think I got this one when I was a bit older. We brought a bunch of them back from my childhood home on our last visit there since Matthew was really interested in them. He still talks about wanting to go visit Grandpa because of all of the cool toys that are back there. But, I think many of them are being reclaimed now that my brother also has a son who will eventually want to play with them.

This was sort of an upload test after bumping up our dsl speed to 1mbs/384kbs from 768/128kbs. The slower service was nice and cheap through Verizon at $17.99/mo, but uploads to flickr had basically stopped working. The would continually time out. We didn't have that problem when we first got the service. I could do big uploads and they would be slow, but they would work over night. I don't know what changed. Anyway, we spend enough time online that it was worth upgrading the service. Only $4 more per month. As usual, though, the current entry level Verizon service is 1mbs/384kbs for $17.99, but we can't get that because we are already customers. What we have is still a pretty good deal considering what else is available from the cable co, or earthlink. We spent some time looking at all the other options combining it with cable and phone, etc. but that was more aggravation than anything else.

My Precious Jewel

My Precious Jewel

YAY!!! ^0^ I finally, FINALLY found Jewel Sparkles!!! <3 I've been looking for her for so long!! :D

Every time I went to our local Toys r Us, I could never find her, and when I asked Customer Service, they would say "Oh, you must have just missed her. We had her yesterday, but she's hard to keep on the shelves."

I was beginning to think that I would have to order her online, but I decided to try Toys r Us one last time. I went there, but there was not a Jewel to be found. I asked someone if they could look in the back for her, apologizing for bing him. But he was very nice and looked in the back room, and came back with... Jewel Sparkles!!! :D

I actually gasped with joy at the sight of her! Maybe I'm too old to get this excited about a doll, but I was so happy to have finally found my precious pink princess! <3 After thanking the man profusely, I rushed to the front of the store, bought her, and rushed home to de-box her.

She's even more beautiful than I had imagined! I feel so, so blessed to finally get my precious, slightly bossy Jewel. <3

old toys online

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