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Digital Camera Battery Recharger. Lumix Camera Dmc Tz5

Digital Camera Battery Recharger

digital camera battery recharger

    digital camera
  • A digital camera (also digicam or camera for short) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.

  • Usually captures images with the help of a CCD chip. The image data received is then saved to special memory cards or other storage media. (SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card,  Compact Flash,  Memory Stick,  SD Card,  MMC Card)

  • A camera that records and stores digital images

  • a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

  • A fortified emplacement for heavy guns

  • group of guns or missile launchers operated together at one place

  • A container consisting of one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power

  • An artillery subunit of guns, men, and vehicles

  • a device that produces electricity; may have several primary or secondary cells arranged in parallel or series

  • a collection of related things intended for use together; "took a battery of achievement tests"

digital camera battery recharger - Universal Battery

Universal Battery Charger

Universal Battery Charger

Universal battery charger charges cell phone, PDA, MP3 player and digital camera batteries regardless of size, capacity and shape. One charger can charge different types of batteries at home, office or when traveling. Automatically detects positive/negative polarity contacts for safe, simple operation. Spring-hinge clip holds battery in place while it is being charged. Advanced CMOS micro-controller chip manages the charging process for safe, rapid and reliable battery charging. Suitable for any Li-Ion, Ni-MH cell phone, PDA, MP3 player and digital camera batteries.

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Gear 2010

Gear 2010

Ok wow, 6 comments already i aint even had chance to write the description :)

Ok so this is my digital camera gear so far; i should note that this equipment has been purchased over a long period since October 2005, hard to believe back then all i carried was the 20d and old faithful kit lens.

I have a holiday planned for two weeks in Cornwall and i leave in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The dilema i have is what to take with me as this will fill alot of my car which should be used for you know carrying clothes on the long journey down. This doesnt yet even include my very recent and very expensive photographic purchase which i am very excited about which is probably half way to my door as i type.

Anyway, i will start labelling the gear for reference purposes- i have made some wise purchase decisions and some bad ones. If people want to learn from my mistakes feel free to ask questions on the gear and i will give you my honest advice. I know how hard it can be to pick out a piece of equipment when you are trying to stretch a budget.

Fujifilm 50i, single lens 36mm equivalent

Fujifilm 50i, single lens 36mm equivalent

A humble 2.4mp capability, with its cradle-cum-recharger in the background. ?6, with a flat battery which the charger soon remedied, from a car boot fair. Low-to medium-contrast scenes, fine. Very contrasty scenes (sharp edges against a lighted background, for instance), no, the lens resolution or pixel capability isn't good enough.

There's a digital zoom feature which I never use. 36mm IS a very useful lens length.

digital camera battery recharger

digital camera battery recharger

Energizer XP4001 Universal Rechargeable Power Pack

The Energizer XP4001 Power Pack is double your pleasure! Dual USB outputs provide simultaneous charging of two devices or one device for twice as long. Perfect for two cell phones, two devices or two people! Up to 25 hours XTRA talk time or 120 hrs of XTRA music time. Share your power or double your power - either way it is twice as good! For more information go to Also charges iPods, iPhones, cell phones, smart phones, GPS and more. Comes with 6 cell phone tips, 3 media tips, digital camera battery charging tip, AC adapter and carrying case. Product comes with FREE TIPS FOR LIFE on our website at

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