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Fun Photo Edit Online

fun photo edit online

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Ready for battle Big Sister Nerx without her helmet

Ready for battle Big Sister Nerx without her helmet

Taken @ the sim named Rapture within SecondLife.

This an snapshot of me holding my aXel Yallock plush <3 I'm going to edit the plush into looking a little like a big daddy. (And no, his helmet won't have ears poking out... Stupid furs, some of them are really.)

His new name is Xander Feldragonne.

Was my SL father

Too much Picnik fun and YOU TOO could lose an eyebrow

Too much Picnik fun and YOU TOO could lose an eyebrow

You've been warned in the above title. Whenever I mess around with Picnik(online photo editing program)too much, I end up missing an eyebrow! I assure you I have not tweezed them into oblivion. They were both present and accounted for when I took this self portrait so please someone tell me where Leftie went?

fun photo edit online

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