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Sell Your Photo Online. Memorex Mdf0722 Wldb 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame.

Sell Your Photo Online

sell your photo online

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??????? I love your tickets

??????? I love your tickets



I love your photos more than mine, cause I can see myself shining in your eyes. Dear, hold me tight, I am here. Thanks Kiki for the advice that instead of worry to much I could try my best to cheer you up!! That's why I bought you little gifts last night!!! Glad that you love them!!
Let go the pressure of work and smile my dear!!!! It's weekend!!!!!!!!

Have a happy weekend my friends!!

Photo (for a coaster)

Photo (for a coaster)

I suppose this photo can be made into a coaster. (^_^)

Recently, Baobao seems to have grown closer to me. When I am working on my PC, which is almost daily in the evenings, he will jump onto the desk and ask for kisses without fail.

This has become a habit and he is content to lay next to my speakers (usually playing) basically just doing nothing. Sometimes he will flip over to rest his head either on my wrist or the mouse. I think he does not mind the sounds from the keyboard typing and mouse clicking. I have a feeling he enjoys my company. I love you too Baobao. :)

sell your photo online

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