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Change My Hair Colour Upload Photo. Trisha Photo Gallery

Change My Hair Colour Upload Photo

change my hair colour upload photo

    hair colour
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Tagged by CSaw and Yagamijo

Following CSaw's example and posting a childhood photo. I haven't taken a solo portrait for more than a year>_<; This was taken circa 1990, the other girl with her back to the camera is my elder sister.

The rules: If you're tagged, upload a photo saying you were tagged, put 10 random facts about yourself into the description, and tag 10 other people by adding them to the photo.

1.I can’t cycle; I think I have a poor sense of balance
2.I love milk tea, I need at least a cup a day and can quite possibly survive on it and nothing else for a day or two
3.The sports I enjoy watching the most are figure skating, artistic gymnastics and tennis
4.I don’t change the way I talk even when speaking to babies or young children. I actually shuddered inwardly when I attempted to use baby talk ._.
5.I usually don’t leave home without an umbrella and a bottle of water, because I dehydrate and sunburn easily
6. I love cakes, especially sponge cakes with fresh cream and strawberries/mangoes XD
7.I would like to assemble a model of an aircraft carrier someday, though it might never happen as I have no idea where I can display or store the completed piece
8.I hope to get reacquainted with the sewing machine this year
9.About 80% of my CD collection consists of albums by Japanese bands and artistes.
10.I used to colour my hair quite regularly but haven’t done so for about a year and a half now.

I tag Ashbet, fashiondollcrazy, violetbird, kirane_milleri, cammy¦claudia, J*me, aEthEr hEad, Miyulina, gothiclibrarian and marycocoa

Grandmother's Necklace

Grandmother's Necklace

Experimented with a SP - this is the cropped version
I was shooting this in my dad's old shed - the light is gorgeous

The necklace is Vintage - it was my grandmother's as the title says
and because of my grandmother's love for unique costume jewelry -
I've grown to love it over the years myself and prefer it over any type of
valuable jewelry (gold, silver, diamonds,ect )
To me costume jewelry is far more valuable & sentimental
As a little girl I was given a box of some of her jewelry and I still
have many peices but this necklace has always been my favorite of all
I love its herringbone shape & terracotta color

Chris walked in & decided to take over after I shot a few SP's
and so he took more shots of me outside of the shed & near a rusted old car
- I'll upload those later - His skills in taking photos have greatly improved
I sometimes think he should be my second shooter when I start my business - LOL

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change my hair colour upload photo

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