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Camera Accessories Canada

camera accessories canada

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camera accessories canada - The 2011

The 2011 Import and Export Market for Parts and Accessories for Cinematographic Cameras in Canada

The 2011 Import and Export Market for Parts and Accessories for Cinematographic Cameras in Canada

On the demand side, exporters and strategic planners focusing on parts and accessories for cinematographic cameras in Canada face a number of questions. Which countries are supplying parts and accessories for cinematographic cameras to Canada? How important is Canada compared to others in terms of the entire global and regional market? How much do the imports of parts and accessories for cinematographic cameras vary from one country of origin to another in Canada? On the supply side, Canada also exports parts and accessories for cinematographic cameras. Which countries receive the most exports from Canada? How are these exports concentrated across buyers? What is the value of these exports and which countries are the largest buyers?

This report was created for strategic planners, international marketing executives and import/export managers who are concerned with the market for parts and accessories for cinematographic cameras in Canada. With the globalization of this market, managers can no longer be contented with a local view. Nor can managers be contented with out-of-date statistics which appear several years after the fact. I have developed a methodology, based on macroeconomic and trade models, to estimate the market for parts and accessories for cinematographic cameras for those countries serving Canada via exports, or supplying from Canada via imports. It does so for the current year based on a variety of key historical indicators and econometric models.

In what follows, Chapter 2 begins by summarizing where Canada fits into the world market for imported and exported parts and accessories for cinematographic cameras. The total level of imports and exports on a worldwide basis, and those for Canada in particular, is estimated using a model which aggregates across over 150 key country markets and projects these to the current year. From there, each country represents a percent of the world market. This market is

75% (15)

...you've been tagged? Where? I don't see any tag....what's a tag? 16 random things about you? This oughta be good...

...you've been tagged?  Where?  I don't see any tag....what's a tag?  16 random things about you?  This oughta be good...

Thanks so much Keith & Mandy for tagging me.

#1 My Family....the most important people in my life...above anything and everything else. Wayne and I have been married for 38 years..he has worked in the logging industry all his life....I wonder where the time has gone...our oldest son Gordon is married to his beautiful wife Deona and together they manage Willow Springs Ranch...both outdoorsy...love animals, especially horses....Nevada Ann is their daughter, our only granddaughter...she will be 9 the end of this month...Colby will be 7 in March and is their son, our only grandson. I love these two little children so much I can't even express it...if you have grandchildren you'll understand. I have stories about them for another time. Todd is our second son, is not married .... has a beautiful girlfriend, Sarah. He is an autobody mechanic and has his own shop.

#2 Nature....I have a deep love and respect for Nature in all it's wonderful forms....especially animals. I love the little deer that come so close I can pet their little noses, eat from my hand and stare at me intently when I talk to them...yes, I talk to everything!

#3 I am the 7th child in a family of 13...well actually 14 ...my infant brother died at birth the year before I was born. 7 boys.... 7 girls....all single births...my poor Mother!

#4 My favourite birds are Owls and Eagles...I have loved Owls since I was a child learning about them in school. I have a wonderful collection of Owls in every form...I even have a pair of huge, fluffy Owl slippers...never been worn...they are much too beautiful to wear. Eagles just fascinate me....(you probably knew that lol) I can sit and watch them for hours.

#5 I love photography....ever since I can remember I loved to take photographs....I think I get that from my Mother as she loved it as well. I have several Sony Digital cameras and accessories...I never leave home without them!

#6 I was Owner/Operator of a licensed family child care business (in my home) for 15 years....I have always had someone's little kids around ever since I can remember...babysat for other people when I was 10...miss my little kids so much I am going to reopen my business.....my grandson Colby was elated at the news and then he looked at me with that sweet little angelic face and said...but Grandma what KIND of kids are you taking? He was unsure if he would be one of them...lol...I think little children are the most amazing of all God's little creatures!!

#7 I am extremely patient....with children, with animals, with everone and everything. I can sit for hours waiting to get a photography shot I want.....

#8 My favourite colour is blue....has been forever....

#9 Although one of my sisters calls me "controlling" ...I call myself efficient! If I have something to organize I make lists and have everything on paper so when it comes time to do it...there it is! It just works for me....

#10 My Mother ...was, and still is, the biggest influence in my life. She was so loving and giving...I cannot believe how she had 14 children, never mind raised all of us as well. I have always had an extremely close relationship with her and when she lost her battle with cervical cancer in 1992...I was devastated....I still miss her...
My Father.... he is a sweetheart...he's presently in a Nursing Home and will be 89 years old on Valentine's Day....my Grandma said he was the best Valentine she ever received so she named him Louis Valentine...so sweet....he served Canada in WWll, lost a brother in the war, came home, and together with my Mother raised their huge family on a farm in Saskatchewan....we moved to British Columbia when I was 5...my Father then worked in the lumber industry until his retirement.

#11 Reality TV Shows....love them. Can't believe how some of these people can come on TV and act the way they do! Especially love Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother!!

#12 Christmas....love it!! There is nothing about it I don't love!

#13 Cats...my very favourite pet is a cat...years ago a cougar killed my big orange cat Frisky, right behind our shop...a horrible thing....several weeks later I went to the SPCA to get another orange kitten...or so I thought...they didn't have any orange ones so the lady opened the cage to some tabby kittens....I said oh no I'll wait till you get some orange ones....a very tiny 4 week old tabby climbed up my arm, onto my chest and promptly laid down snling into my neck, started purring and went to sleep. HE chose me so I had to take him....I called him Friday The Thirteenth beacause I got him on a Friday and it was the 13th....he was, without a doubt, the best cat I ever had.....I was saddened to lose him this summer...he was 13 years old...guess 13 wasn't so lucky for him....and I just realized he is 13 on my list...yikes!...and today is the 13th...oh dear....

#14 Morning....I get up early every morning...like to be up by 5:00am...the best part of the d

Going to a camera show is like a candy store...

Going to a camera show is like a candy store...

I love sweets and the first thing I thought when I saw this display was the yummy candies I would get to sample. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't for eating but a display for one of the camera manufacturers. There are many other "candies" that are desirable to me in this hobby. It may be the next lens, a new camera body, some accessory or another bag to put my gear in that would give me the thought that I would be happier if I had it (or maybe the excuse that I would be a better shooter and/or more creative).

In men's group we've discussed running the rat race, trying to find the next part in the good life. It's easy to get caught up in the having more stuff will make me happier scenario. The parable of the rich fool (Luke 12:13-21) has come up in a few sermons recently and concludes with the same thought that Man's life does not consist of stuff. Having possessions is not wrong, but one really needs to consider whether having the next "candy" is distracting you from God or relationships.

I didn't end up buying anything that at the camera show, but I did get the chance to spend the time to build a friendship.

camera accessories canada

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