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What Do International Lawyers

what do international lawyers

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  • (The International Lawyer) The International Lawyer is the official quarterly publication of the American Bar Association's Section of International Law and Practice.

The Danger of Adding Friends on Facebook- Part 2

The Danger of Adding Friends on Facebook- Part 2

I received this message as timely response from Facebook - against the threat I got from a Facebook member who had added me as friend and than showed his true colors by his vile comments in a message to me ..I will not name him simply because he would hurt his parent more than he has hurt me..

Excerpts of his message to me that as part of my cyber police complain..

2>u said im nt ur fuckin father..if u a real good father..u wuld hve nt abused me..i can nw see what kind of father r u..usless n mentally retarded..
3>u said i hve no right to pass a public comment on ur post..u forgot that u r on facebook n nt using ur own private website..i have a authority n will to comment on whos evr profile i want..its nt by me bt from da website "FACEBOOK" facebook orders me to do so u dickhead..
4>u said it was nt written 4 i was in ur frnds list the mesg n ur status was shown on my wall 2..u dint specifiy ne name r creature on ur i have a right to write nething on ur posts asshole..
5>n u asshole if u want i can file a case against u n land u in lock up r get ur ass spanked with guys 4 ur posts on religion bais...u still hve no idea who m i...u really messsd it with a wrong person..
6>my comment dint point u as framing u...indeed i asked u whthr what it means in ur fuckin motherfuckd tongue..
7>if nw u can help ur self then face the cops r my guys soon...wait n watch what i do nw

I had blocked him but sent him a message as he had twisted the gist of my hijra link giving it a religious bias where none existed..

Response from Facebook to me

Hi Firoze,

Thank you for reporting this potential abuse on our site. We will review the reported material and remove anything that violates our Terms of Use. If warranted, we will either warn or disable the user responsible.

In the future, please feel free to use the "Report" links located near most pieces of content on the site to report offensive material to Facebook. We will then review the material and take appropriate action based on our Terms of Use. Rest assured that these reports will be kept confidential.

We also recommend that you consider blocking this user in order to prevent further interactions with them on Facebook. People you block won't be able to find you in searches, view your profile, or contact you with pokes, wall posts, or personal messages. You can block people by adding their names to your block list at the bottom of the Privacy page. These people will not be notified when you block them, and any existing ties you have with them will be removed.

If you want to block someone who has already blocked you (or someone you can't find in search), just reply with the person's name and network, and we'll take care of this for you.

Finally, remember that you should contact the authorities if you ever feel threatened by something you see on the site.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations

My Reply to Facebook

Thank you for your kindly response this person is a menace and a danger, I have nothing personal against him, I follow terms of service and guidelines as set by Facebook, I am not a member of any group, I stay to myself, so when an incident like this happens iot shatters my faith and my belief of peaceful coexistence at Facebook..

You keep prompting and adding sestions about adding a friend do you know the madness and folly if another 100 guys begin behaving like him, you will have anarchy at hand, imagine if this was meted out to a girl, this person has lost his balance and should be expelled from Facebook,,I leave to your discretion , I told the Mumbai cyber Police to pursue this case as it sheds bad light on all Indians including 26/11 .

I have spoken to my lawyers and am taking a serious view of this..I have not mentioned his name on my Flickr blog , out of respect for Facebook..

He stays in my area I presume and will be a security risk to me and my family , you sitting in America will not realize this I am not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill..

Facebook is a place to relax , catch up with old friends not a place to vilify or hatch plots to harm someone if his views dont agree with yours..

He writes Facebook has given him the permission to comment on my links , he is childish and very dumb and people under 18 should not be adding older people as friends I think it is time you reviewed your membership guidelines for the future..

I have removed people whom I dont know from my friends list and will not be adding anyone unless I am perfectly sure, and I reiterate Flickr has a far more fluid and safer method of adding friend as compared to Facebook., much better transparency and control..

Please consider this as a feedback of a Facebook user for better and cordial re

Claude Hulbert

Claude Hulbert

British postcard. British International Pictures nr. 114.

Claude Hulbert (1900-1964) was a British actor who was very prolific in the 1930s and 1940s. He also scripted a few films and composed some soundtracks. Claude Hulbert was the brother of actor Jack Hulbert.

Claude Noel Hulbert (1900–1964) was a British comedian, born in London, and like his elder brother Jack he studied at Cambridge University. As an undergraduate he was member of the Footlights comedy club. In the 1920s he started to perform on stage and acted for instance in the Gershwin musical Oh Kay!, which was performed in London in 1927. Apart from an uncredited part in the silent Hitchcock film Champagne (1928), Hulbert’s film career really began in the sound era. From 1930 on, Hulbert was visible in film, his roles getting bigger by the years. Hulbert began by supporting Ralph Lynn comedies before he got his first lead in the comedy Their Night Out (1933), which costarred Renee Houston and Binnie Barnes. In that year, Hulbert did various films for British International Pictures (see postcard), but more often as co-star. He had the male lead again in Big Business (1934), a comedy by Cyril Gardner, co-scripted by Gardner and Hulbert, and produced by Warner and First National. Occasionally Hulbert worked with his brother. In 1934 he wrote the song ‘My Hat’s on the Side of My Head’ for Jack Hulbert’s song and dance comedy Jack Ahoy! In 1935 Claude Hulbert had a supporting role in a Gaumont International production with his brother Jack and Fay Wray starring: Bulldog Jack (Walter Forde 1935), a crime story which involved scenes at the British Museum and the London Underground. And in 1940 Claude would write the song ‘Conga’ for Jack Hulbert’s film Under Your Hat (dir. Maurice Elvey).

In 1935 Hulbert played the lead of Henry Pennyfeather in what is said to have been his most successful solo film of the mid-1930s, but now a lost film: Hello Sweetheart, a comedy directed by Monty Banks, produced by again Warner/First National, and costarring Gregory Ratoff and Jane Carr. It was a comedy about a naive farmer who looses all to perfidious grifters who convince him to invest in their movie and halfway dump him. The farmer though manages to finish the film himself, turning it into comedy and creating a big success. But, as Wikipedia writes, ‘like most of Hulbert's starring comedies, however, its ambition was strictly small-scale; it seemed that British studios simply didn't see him as a major star.’ His budgets were always limited too, reducing most of his output to a kind of B-movies. Still, Hulbert had interesting partners in his films, such as Douglas Fairbanks jr. and Laura LaPlante in Man of the Moment (Monty Banks 1935). Hulbert’s film career got a boost with Wolf's Clothing (Andrew Marton 1936), in which he starred as the upper-clas twit Ambrose Girling who is a lookalike of a notorious assassin. Hulbert’s female costar was Lili Palmer, in one of her first roles in Britain.

After some minor parts in comedies, Hulbert had a long series of leads in the late 1930s while he also started to expand his genre repertory, such as the adventure film Hail and Farewell (Ralph Ince 1936) about sailors on leave, and the crime story The Vulture (Ince 1937) about a detective capturing jewel thieves in Chinatown, but even these films had comical aspects. Most other leads of Hulbert then were in comedies, like in Olympic Honeymoon/Honeymoon-Merry-Go-Round (Alfred J. Goulding 1940), ‘where he played a bumbling bridegroom who unintentionally becomes an ice-hockey star’ (Wikipedia). When war broke out in 1939, Hulbert played in war comedies too, like Sailors Three (Walter Forde 1940), about three sailors who accidentally get aboard a nazi ship. In 1941 Hulbert became a popular side-kick for comic actor Will Hay in The Ghost of St Michael's (Marcel Varnel 1941) in which Hay hunts a killer ghost in Scotland. It took two years for Hulbert’s subsequent role as co-star in the crime story The Dummy Talks (Oswald Mitchell 1943), starring debuting actor Jack Warner. In the same year Hulbert was Hay’s sidekick again in the dark comedy My Learned Friend (Basil Dearden, Will Hay 1943), about a seedy lawyer threatened by a vengeful escaped convict. In the late 1940s Hulbert continued to play in film but his appearances became scarcer and smaller.

NB As a film actor Claude Hulbert was less of a leading man than his brother, but he excelled as a radio broadcaster, often in partnership with his wife, actress Enid Trevor, whom he had married in 1924. In 1964 Claude Hulbert died in a hospital in Sydney, during a world cruise with his family.

Sources: IMDB, Wikipedia

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