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Best Investment Banking Books

best investment banking books

DSCF4295 History of Rule of Law, Republic, Republicanism, Cato, and all the ministries and agencies of 'state' - or tribal unit

DSCF4295 History of Rule of Law, Republic, Republicanism, Cato, and all the ministries and agencies of 'state' - or tribal unit

Law. Complexity. Agencies.

I learned a lot from actually watching Allan Gerson's testimony in the Congress (Senate? was it?) I don't know about these days, but in 2005 and 2006, I saw a lot of good testimonies done by many respectable experts and professionals - and citizens - many many impressive, life changing quality ones. (On C-span)

Joi Ito - or Masayoshi Son - or Murai - whoever that is - we just need to connect C-span's some of the best footages available in Japan at like maybe 3 dollars a month (true, it's available on Web anytime today, but...)

That's enough. That'd contain enough seeds. Just connecting 'Web' - isn't up to the vision of original - founders of web - such as V Bush or JCR Licklider. That's the reason 'dwindling' situation of that volcanic islands - people are not really changed by merely hooking Web up and make it available. That's merely connecting pipes, and there is no 'blood' - in it. (There is a phrase about it - make a curved statue of a saint/buddha - but failing to place the soul/heart/life in it.)

And of course, I can guess that Joi Ito - or Son Masayoshi or Jun Murai has no understanding or recogniton about what's the real sweat and blood, salt and 'humanity' - of 'America'. They might learned something about technology or business etc - but those are partial gimics which can be transferred from somewhere to anywhere without shaking 'the ground'.

In that sense between that volcanic islands and America, nothing has been translated yet. We can have American studies, bunch of professors and bunch of grad students - and bunch and bunch more of books and papers.

But that won't hit the population. But those 2 hours, or 6 hours, or even total 30 - 40 hours of testimony, by witnesses and experts - whistle blowers - and senators and house reps - would strike some of the people in those islands.

They'd wonder. Hey that's some form of human - genuine interaction - genuine - rivalry but also collaboration and co-existence effort etc - going on with sweat and endurance, tradition and each individual's almost existential efforts and investments - to rules, cause, norms, values, ideals - and protocols and procedures -

How they do that. How they sustain that. How they can be so passionate about that. How they can be so dedicated to that?

America's occupation (well, I don't think this word is really appropriate word. It was much more like 'administration') - didn't bring that seed to those people.

And then we hooked with Internet. (Then is that my role to talk to them and talk to C-span and try to bring something out? But aren't there - I wish I had time to write more neatly about these things.)

And by now we know, on the both side of Pacific, we are not really making up the past 60 years or so - or much longer - mutual ignorance and cluelessness.

And that sadly wastes youth on both sides, especially on the side of Japan. They don't know what it takes. They don't feel the body temp. They don't see and feel the endurance of 'West' - ways of West. That's just really sad. How many kids and youth are we gonna ruin?

Also we today had brief conversation about Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the end, much of the experts of the world really don't look into why they hate each other, or why they really don't collaborate each other. We just end up observing 'phenomenons' - patterns of events and some listing of 'agents' appears in the theater - and become proficient about them.

But we never really understand why those groups of humans - interact in certain ways etc - humanity's 'IR" remain shallow - and un-cumulative.

*Cumulation only happens in - maybe - change in the laws - new laws, new kind of culture - etc - maybe not really in 'knowledge' or changes in 'knowledge' - really transforms how we - different kinds of humans interact. Maybe.

Many 'tribes' show up on the stage - of world - and each of them - just haven't got a clue about how to understand their own psychology - and also the others psychologies.

But greed, vanity, aggression, or then quest for better managed relation etc are pursued. Justifications and glorifications, accusations etc - turn into words and volumes of books.

We can have shelves and shelves of them. But still probably we won't know our and others' character, personality, inclinations, temper, etc - much at all.

best investment banking books

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