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World Junior Hockey Live Coverage

world junior hockey live coverage

    junior hockey
  • Junior hockey is a catch-all term used to describe various levels of ice hockey competition for players generally between 16 and 20 years of age.

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Flash Coverage

Flash Coverage

Once more we dip our toes in the tepid pool of the ultra-geeky. I've wondered how a typical shoe-mount flash lays light onto a subjectshape of coverage, rate of drop off, etc. This is a sample of a bunch of tests done on a Nikon SB-28 flash fired at a flat white backdrop. The images were processed to show each stop of light fall-off as a different shade of gray. Superimposed on each image are concentric circles showing the angular diameters on the backdrop relative to the flash head.

The samples shown here are as follows:

1. Flash head zoomed to 24mm.
2. Flash head zoomed to 85mm.
3. Sto-Fen Omni Bounce on head zoomed to 24mm.
4. HonlPhoto 5" Shorty snoot (silver side in) on head zoomed to 85mm.

A few notes on other tests:
Using the flip-down 20° fresnel on the SB-28 creates a broader coverage than seen in #1 but it's also much more symmetrical in shape.
The zoom settings between 24mm (#1) and 85mm (#2) are, as expected, orderly incremental changes between the 2 extremes.
Using the HonlPhoto 1/4 Speed Grid looks roughly like #4 except with a very symmetrical bullseye pattern and a faster falloff at the extremes.

There were a lot of interesting little surprises in this set of tests, but nothing that will radically change the way I use flashes for now. At least I have a better feel for finer control when needed.

Groove Coverage Club Show @ Beijing GT.BANANA * Lightsticks

Groove Coverage Club Show @ Beijing GT.BANANA * Lightsticks

Groove Coverage Club Show @ Beijing GT.BANANA * Lightsticks

world junior hockey live coverage

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