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Correct cooking temperatures - Free online cooking

Correct Cooking Temperatures

correct cooking temperatures

Grandma´s treats (recipe)

Grandma´s treats (recipe)

Grandma?s treats - Great afternoon snack

1 large egg,
1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 pinch salt
1 tablespoon unsalted butter - room temperature
1 teaspoon (a generous one) rising powder
3/4 cup milk (you may need up to 1 cup)
Fennel seeds / anise

Boil the milk with as much fennel seeds/anise as you would use for a cup of tea, then sieve it to remove the seeds - let it to cool)
Sieve all dry ingredients together add the butter and the egg, add the 3/4 cup milk at once and start working the dough, add more milk if necessary, keep working until the dough is even, not too dry but no longer sticky.
Make pices (as if potato gnocchi - slightly larger)
Deep fry - The oil cannot be too hot otherwise the pieces will be soft in the middle. A good tip is preheat the oil... Remove te pan from the heat, throw 5-6 pieces, wait for them to expand and then put the pan back on the heat. Doing that each time you fry one round will prevent the oil from overheating. The pieces turn themselves as they fry, but sometimes you may need to turn the resistant ones. Remove them once they are golden brown.
Roll them on cinnamon/sugar 30/70% mix immediatly after frying .


Also try to...
Add little banana pieces inside each before frying...
Add little hard-guava knobs...
Add little chocolat knobs...
Or anything you feel like to.

(please overlook my spelling mistakes... fell free to correct me).

March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011

I haven't baked in a long long time. I decided to take on a little project for our weekend travels. These are pineapple banana cupcakes. I thought about using flavored icing on them, but the flavors didn't really come out the way I had hoped, so they may just get plain sugar-flavored icing. Tomorrow they will be decorated to be ready for my aunt's annual "Bahama Mama" party.

Today had other challenges today... but I guess most do. At least the cupcakes came out well. It does leave me wondering, what is the difference between a cupcake like this and a muffin. Is the difference icing?

PS: Yes, this is my crappy oven. Since we rent we didn't invest in a high quality one (yes, renting here means providing your own appliances. Weird). Notice that there has to be a separate thermometer INSIDE the oven because there is no way to tell the temperature from the outside of the fridge. Sure, there is a dial, but the dial is rarely correct. To cook these cupcakes at 350, I had to have the dial set to just below 300. I want a real kitchen someday.


correct cooking temperatures

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