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French Cooking Words - Thai Cooking Classes Phuket.

French Cooking Words

french cooking words

Cooking Lecture: French - Petit Pate Chaud de Caille, Sauce Port (Warm Quail Pate in Port Wine Sauce)

Cooking Lecture: French -  Petit Pate Chaud de Caille, Sauce Port (Warm Quail Pate in Port Wine Sauce)

Todays lecture was on French pates. Now everyone has probably heard of pates (i.e. liver pates) but few people probably know what it actually is. The word ''pate'' literally means ''paste'' and a pate is basically a meat ''paste'', or a French meat loaf. There are a couple of rules to making pate, one being around a 4:1 ratio on lean meat to fat. Another is that 12-14 grams of salt is added for every 1 Kg of pate. Spices and some sort of alcohol almost always added and pate should be made while keeping it chilled .

This is a quail pate ''en croute'' or baked in a puff pastry shell. It is made with pork fat, lean pork meat, quail, chicken breast, truffles and pistachio nuts. It is served in a sauce made with port wine and consomme.

if there is ever product placement in porn....

if there is ever product placement in porn....

i imagine it to be like this:

scene: wife arrives home from working late at office, walks into kitchen where husband is cooking dinner.

wife: hi, honey, what's for dinner?
husband: MY COCK.. brand special fish sauce casserole. just the way you like it.
*turns to face camera* my cock brand special fish sauce, turns every mealtime into a SPECIAL occasion.
*husband and wife get busy on the kitchen table, cue bad 70s porn music*

but seriously, i open the door to my pantry last night to look for my pretzels, and all i saw was the giant purple letters. i just had to share it with everyone. =P

french cooking words

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