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Perth Cooking Class - Cooking Venison Back Straps.

Perth Cooking Class

perth cooking class

Duke of Perth 005

Duke of Perth 005

In the United Kingdom, fish and chips became a cheap food popular among the working classes with the rapid development of trawl fishing in the North Sea in the second half of the nineteenth century.[1] In 1860 The first fish and chip shop was opened in London by Jewish proprietor Joseph Malin[2] who married together "fish fried in the Jewish fashion"[3] with chips.

Deep-fried "chips" (slices or pieces of potato) as a dish, may have first appeared in Britain in about the same period: the OED notes as its earliest usage of "chips" in this sense the mention in Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities (published in 1859): "Husky chips of potatoes, fried with some reluctant drops of oil". (Note that Belgian tradition, as recorded in a manuscript of 1781, dates the frying of potatoes carved into the shape of fish back at least as far as 1680.)[4]

The modern fish-and-chip shop ("chippy" or "chipper" in modern British slang[5]) originated in the United Kingdom, although outlets selling fried food occurred commonly throughout Europe. According to one story, fried-potato shops spreading south from Scotland merged with fried-fish shops spreading from southern England.[citation needed] Early fish-and-chip shops had only very basic facilities. Usually these consisted principally of a large cauldron of cooking-fat, heated by a coal fire. Insanitary by modern[update] standards, such establishments also emitted a smell associated with frying, which led to the authorities classifying fish-and-chip supply as an "offensive trade",[citation needed] a stigma retained until the interwar period. The industry overcame this reputation because during World War II fish and chips remained one of the few foods in the United Kingdom not subject to rationing.[6]

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Fish Labelling Regulations 2003 [7] enact directive 2065/2001/EC and generally means that "fish" must be sold with the particular species named; so "cod and chips" not "fish and chips". The Food Standards Agency guidance excludes caterers from this;[8] but several local Trading Standards authorities and others do say it cannot be sold merely as "fish and chips".

Unid DDG Captain Cook Dry Dock

Unid DDG Captain Cook Dry Dock

Unidentified Perth class DDG in the Captain Cook dry dock, Garden Island Sydney 05 December 1993.

perth cooking class

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