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Video Camera Reviews Australia - Latest Professional Camera.

Video Camera Reviews Australia

video camera reviews australia

Rusted Yellow

Rusted Yellow

I'm having a lot of fun with the Digital Harinezumi. This probably has a lot to do with how much it reminds me of an analogue toy camera. When in still capture mode, you do not get a LCD viewfinder mode, you have to estimate (and anyone who uses toy cameras will know that their viewfinders are less than accurate) you have the option of turning off the review mode of the camera so that you won't know what you have got until you download the images to your computer (so I suppose that's the digital equivalent of waiting to get your film developed).
In movie mode, they're is no audio so to speak (well there is a bit of white noise, I think it may have been fun if they had the option of the whirr of an old 8mm camera sound as well as the movies generated by the camera remind me of those)
The colours are kick-ass funky and very reminiscent of some sort of weird cross processing type of thing going on...
and as you can see from some of my initial test images, the macro function (two choices of focus here macro or normal) works very well. There is nice grain in lower lighting conditions, reminding me more of film grain that digital grain. I could go on and will, when I do an 'out of the box' video review of this little electric hedgehog later on this week....

Game Boy Printer

Game Boy Printer

My game boy printer is still working. I had it since I was 10. It that moment I find it magical, to be able to take pictures and print them yourself, today is not a big deal, for me is a beautiful process.

The paper would never be defeated by the digital.

video camera reviews australia

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