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How To Cook A Good Ham. Cookout Soundtrack. Easy Christmas Cookie Recipe.

How To Cook A Good Ham

how to cook a good ham

G0FAH Dipole SWR Frequency Plot

G0FAH Dipole SWR Frequency Plot

This is the standing wave ratio (SWR) plot for my G0FAH style antenna (from the ARRL Classic Wire Antennas volume 2 article '5 Bands No Tuner'). I measured it using an MFJ-259B Antenna Analyzer I borrowed from a friend, which saved a lot of time in sampling all the data. Yes, I spun a knob and captured each datum plotted by hand.

For the less technical, here's what's happening. A transmitter shoves power (measured in Watts) into a transmission line to the antenna. This is called 'forward power'. Some power eventually gets to the antenna and radiates into space (this is 'radiated power'). Some of the power bounces back at the transmitter ('reverse power'). Finally some of it heats up the transmission line ('heat'). Power bouncing back is not only harmful to the transmitter (high voltages, mostly), it also results in more heating in the transmission line as the waves reflect back and forth (that's bad). An ideal SWR is 1:1, and anything over 2:1 is increasingly bad news (the vertical axis on the plot shows the first SWR number, basically the higher the more reverse power, so 'low points' are good!).

How to reduce SWR? SWR depends in part on antenna and transmission line materials (copper wire, plastic window material, coaxial cable, insulators). More importantly, adjusting antenna and transmission line geometry (length, layout) affects the SWR. You can tweak the lengths until the low SWR spots match up with the frequencies that you care about.

Finally, an antenna tuner is a box with adjustable coils and capacitors inline and shunted to ground, and this helps match an antenna with too much capacitance or inductance so it doesn't present high voltages and currents to the transmitter itself... the line heats up still but the transmitter doesn't get cooked.



I was tagged by Dead Air and Clara, and my friend Timeshare took the plunge, so here goes...

1) I'm approaching middle age (how the f*#! did that happen??), and still have all my hair. My 6 pack abs at 20 swelled to a 12ver at 45, but now I've trimmed down to an 8 pack.

2) I'm happily married and have two boys, 19 & 17...the joys of my life.

3) I'm a dreamer and an eternal optimist...

4) My motto is "...there are no problems, only solutions." (said with a Yoda-like voice)

5) I'm into spontaneity and controlled chaos....whatever that means.

6) I'm shy, yet vain. I'm a ham, but prefer to be behind the camera.

7) I'm terse, unless I drink more than 3 glasses of red wine, then you can't shut me up.

8) I'm a rabid Habs fan!!

9) I'm a pretty good cook, but never follow recipes.

10) I love to travel and have gone to Baffin Island, NWT, Yukon (for work), and when I can, I like to vacation in warmer climates, like Italy, Cote d'Azur and Jamaica.

11) I love all desserts, especially good Italian gelato.

12) I like to make others laugh and love a good laugh myself, although my humour tends to drift over into the dark side at times.

13) I'm very social, but like being alone. Of course, I'm never really alone....there's the little voice in my head :)

14) I'm a huge Zappa fan and all music interests me.

15) I'm fluently bilingual in English and French, which means I can swear easily in both official languages.

16) I am camera!!

how to cook a good ham

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