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Define Refrigeration

define refrigeration

  • the process of cooling or freezing (e.g., food) for preservative purposes

  • (refrigerant) any substance used to provide cooling (as in a refrigerator)

  • deliberately lowering the body's temperature for therapeutic purposes; "refrigeration by immersing the patient's body in a cold bath"

  • give a definition for the meaning of a word; "Define `sadness'"

  • State or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of

  • Give the meaning of (a word or phrase), esp. in a dictionary

  • Make up or establish the character of

  • determine the nature of; "What defines a good wine?"

  • specify: determine the essential quality of

define refrigeration - Chazown: Define

Chazown: Define Your Vision. Pursue Your Passion. Live Your Life on Purpose.

Chazown: Define Your Vision. Pursue Your Passion. Live Your Life on Purpose.

Chazown (pronounced khaw-ZONE)
from the Hebrew, meaning
a dream, revelation, or vision.

You were born with your own Chazown.
Do you know what it is?

You’re invited on a most unusual odyssey—to find, name, and live out your personal Chazown. It’s a journey you’ll never forget because it’s impossible to return unchanged.

Practical, fresh, and biblically sound, Chazown is a one-of-a-kind life planning experience. Perhaps for the first time, you’ll clearly understand what you’ve always suspected:

I have been created and put on earth for a unique and important purpose.
And God intends for me to know it and live it with passion and fulfillment for His glory.

Craig Groeschel will help you get under the surface of your life to discover your life purpose in three often overlooked areas: your core values, your spiritual gifts, and your past experiences. He’ll help you turn it into a highly motivating credo—complete with short-term goals, action steps, and a supportive network to make your big dream a reality.

And then Craig will show you how to apply your own chazown to five critical areas of your life: your relationship with God, your relationships with people, your finances, your health and fitness, and your work.

Are you living someone else’s dream for your life, or no dream at all? Get ready for Chazown.

For resources, visit The Chazown Experience at

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Spencer Farm Milk House - ca. 1922

Spencer Farm Milk House - ca. 1922

23498 105th Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC.


The Spencer Farm Milk House is a small, one-and-one half storey wood frame
building with stucco cladding, a hipped gable roof and three entry doors, and is
located on the agricultural fairgrounds in the historic Albion neighbourhood of
Maple Ridge.


Constructed c.1922, the Spencer Farm Milk House is valued for its recollection of the early agricultural history of Maple Ridge, and in particular Albion. Originally located near an access road within a grouping of buildings of associated agricultural uses, the Milk House was constructed for the specific purpose of cooling and storing milk while awaiting transportation off the farm, and for the cleaning, sanitizing, and storing of materials and equipment used in the production and handling of milk on a small scale. The building is significant as an unusual and very good example of an early agricultural outbuilding constructed as part of a larger dairy farming operation. Its overall form, window design, stucco cladding and roof form sests a domestic design language applied to an agricultural building that reflects local and
regional residential architectural styles of the time. Its size reflects the local, small-scale farming operation and the small quantities of milk that were stored here; without refrigeration milk could not be held for long periods and was shipped regularly off the farm. There is heritage value in the building features which reflect its agricultural use, such as the roof ventilator and the additions which indicate the adaptation of the building to suit changing requirements in the farm operation. Mature deciduous trees located to the south of the building reflect both the early organization of the farm and a summer cooling function for the stored milk. Heritage value is found in the building’s historical association to Samuel Robertson, the first European
settler in Maple Ridge, who established a large farm here with “…fields, fences, barns, orchards, residences…”, and in the continuation of agricultural traditions on the property through its purchase by David Spencer’s Limited of Vancouver in 1919 as a dairy operation and stopover for beef cattle from the Prairies en route to the coast. The Milk House is the last remaining structure on the site that reflects this early agricultural use. Purchased in 1959 by the Municipality of Maple Ridge, the Milk House and its site retains significance as the location of the North Fraser Valley Exhibition and Maple Ridge Agricultural Fair, an important tradition of rural life in Maple Ridge and throughout British Columbia.


Key elements that define the heritage character of the Spencer Farm Milk House include its:
• Location in Albion, the site of early agricultural activities in Maple Ridge
• Location close to an access road
• Small size
• Features which support its use as a milk house, including its interior layout, the roof ventilator and
ceiling height
• Entry doors, windows and building detailing which support the domestic residential character
• Thick rough cast stucco cladding
• Few windows and irregular fenestration
• Dual paned, double hung wooden windows, 6-over 1, of domestic scale and design
• Hipped gable roof with cedar shingles
• Mature trees which reflect the site’s early use as a dairy farm and its current use as a setting for
agricultural fairs

- District of Maple Ridge

Defined. (353/365)

Defined. (353/365)

Messy writing because I did this quickly when I got home from work so I could eat dinner. I was starving! I'm just happy I wrote everything the right way considering I was doing this in the mirror. Check the tags for all of the words, because I know you can't quite make them all out in this shot.

And now it's time for me to collapse in a heap on the couch with Andy to watch some Czech hockey. Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday night!


365 Days (self portraits): Day 325
TOTW: Define Yourself

define refrigeration

define refrigeration

Exceptional People: How Migration Shaped Our World and Will Define Our Future

Throughout history, migrants have fueled the engine of human progress. Their movement has sparked innovation, spread ideas, relieved poverty, and laid the foundations for a global economy. In a world more interconnected than ever before, the number of people with the means and motivation to migrate will only increase. Exceptional People looks at the profound advantages that such dynamics will have for countries and migrants the world over. Challenging the received wisdom that a dramatic growth in migration is undesirable, the book proposes new approaches for governance that will embrace this international mobility.
The authors explore the critical role of human migration since humans first departed Africa some fifty thousand years ago--how the circulation of ideas and technologies has benefited communities and how the movement of people across oceans and continents has fueled economies. They show that migrants in today's world connect markets, fill labor gaps, and enrich social diversity. Migration also allows individuals to escape destitution, human rights abuses, and repressive regimes. However, the authors indicate that most current migration policies are based on misconceptions and fears about migration's long-term contributions and social dynamics. Future policies, for good or ill, will dramatically determine whether societies can effectively reap migration's opportunities while managing the risks of the twenty-first century.
A guide to vigorous debate and action, Exceptional People charts the past and present of international migration and makes practical recommendations that will allow everyone to benefit from its unstoppable future growth.

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