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Smoke On The Water Notes For Guitar

smoke on the water notes for guitar

Kiara, Spiritual Warrior Princess of the Most high God, Jehovah God of Armies

Kiara, Spiritual Warrior Princess of the Most high God, Jehovah God of Armies

Once we reunite we will have the chance to finally get to know one another truly. Love will show each of us the way to the other. I am your soul sister, your bride. I am Kiara, the woman that you will naturally love by the powers above we were created to be forever in love; you are my soul man, my groom I have awaited your return. You are to be my everlasting husband the man that I crave to spend everlasting life with on planet earth. My prayers have been directed continually to the Ancient of Days that your soul may be persevered alive through the greatest tribulation that is soon to occur on planet earth. Jehovah has had it made known through His Son that His name is the most high above the earth and that Christ Jesus' name is the highest on earth. Through the name of the Son of God there is true salvation by His Father God because Jesus is the Mediator between humankind and His God the Father of Christ. God repeatedly throughout His Word the bible identifies Himself as Jehovah the only God infinitely till time indefinite. The ancient biblical scriptures reveal throughout the sixty-six little books Jehovah to be known as the only true God of heaven & earth. He calls Himself Jehovah God of Armies.

I have been found by the Shepherd King, His Father sent Shiloh to bring me to Him; upon my arrival the Almighty God of celestial Armies commissioned me to be the one to journey a far in search of you my dear one. I have prayed to be only yours so here I am in search of my dear one with the Lion of Judah (Jesus Christ) by my side invisible. Shiloh is invisible to the human eye because he has been resurrected into a spirit having a celestial soul (body) seen only by those knowing the true God. These ones exercise faith in the Only Begotten Son of God. Therefore, understand all understanding are the ones taught by Jehovah. It takes the eyes of the heart by discernment to recognize the true living Christ Jesus, the same Christ who has always been with His Father God except for the time he lay dead in the heart of the earth by his impalement in the flesh once for all times. Come find me once again my beloved boy-companion by awakening to true Love's calling.

Twenty years have gone by and still I believe true love will not fail us my dear one. I am writing you Charlie, that you may one day remember me; we saw each other at Prizzi Piazza on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood West. I was the girl with the long blond hair in shapes that wove its wondrous mass of wild curls in all directions under the smoked skies of Hollywood West.

You were that guy that just stared forever into my eyes. I haven't seen you since that day because I made a choice to turn away. It still was not the right time and I new this my life was in an opposite direction back then as if I was in an invisible maze looking through back into you I saw us in the future that is now the present days.

Twenty years is a long time to await true love yet when I first saw you it was an answered prayer in which I had simply prayed to see the man God had chosen for me in a glance. You appeared on that day in mid July your eyes bringing me into yours forever till the end of time. Love is strong yet gentle. Love is courageous as it is humble, meek and mild is all that I am my lover, my husband till the end of time. Love Kiara.

Let us free each other every day my dear Charles by learning to always love the other in loving ways. Let us live together in love faithfully; beautiful and strong is what we will be. I have asked God the Grand Creator to bring me home to you wherever you are residing upon this earth. Charlie, call out to me that I may hear your welcoming voice. Call out to me with your heart that I may recognize true love. True love is rewarding. "God is not unrighteous so as to forget your work and the love you showed for his name." Hebrews 6:10.

I remember your hand gentle upon my aching soul, healed by a patient wisdom slow. I remember you, you are my deepest of love as I am to you endless love, love Kiara. My greatest interests are all the wonderful things that life was meant to be. I am still discovering the wonders of life. I wait patiently to be with the man I walked with once on earth. He searched me with a glance, his eyes filtering the deepest parts of me. I await your return with a patient wisdom slow my darling Charlie. Love Kiara Chelsea Reese.

I remember his face and the way his soft honey amber eyes searched into me deeply and I wonder if he remembers me? Twenty years since that day in mid July on Franklin avenue West. The ocean captivates me. I am drawn to it by its perfect beauty and daydream of the day we meet face to face with true love in our embrace. The true God only knows who and where my dear one is. My first words written to him would be by the spirit of truth. God to Charlie: "the spirit of Jehovah will become operative upon you, God to Charlie: "you will certainly speak as a prophet and be changed int

Day 107- About the girl (50 things about me)

Day 107- About the girl (50 things about me)

1. She watches "A Christmas story" over and over, all day long every Christmas eve.

2. Photoshop is something she is addicted to

3. She also has an addiction to English Breakfast tea.

4. Doing surveys are yet another addiction.

5. It makes her angry that her bank does not have a coin counter.

6. Rock Band is her most favorite game of all time.

7. She can remember faces better than names.

8. Her favorite job was working on an Ice Cream truck.

9. Wal*Mart was her least favorite job.

10. She has been to Mexico more than she has been to Frostburg, MD (an hour away).

11. She is very particular on how toilet paper is put onto the roll.

12. She has tried beer once and it was the worst thing she ever drank.

13. She loves to smile to get a smile back. It makes her feel all warm and tingly inside, like the world is a happy place.

14. Hair is something she notices on guys first.

15. She collects notes and letters written from people.

16. People that only buy name brands get on her nerves.

17. Her Rock Band band name is "Larkin Park"

18. She always sleeps on the left side of the bed, everywhere she goes.

19. She believes that American Idol has downgraded over the years.

20. She loves politics.

21. The commercials make her laugh.

22. She was born in the year of the dragon. RAWR!

23. Cheese in a can is really disgusting, at least that is what she thinks.

24. Carmex is her brand of lip balm.

25. She is trying to let her hair grow really long; then her plans are to get a dramatic, short haircut.

26. She has only been in a plane once in her life.

27. She hates putting money towards stuff for her car.

28. She is going to have a super-cool ice cream parlor next year!

29. Most of the time she will listen to something in the rock genre, although sometimes she gets these odd urges to listen to rap.

30. She has gone white water rafting once every summer since 2003.

31. She loves to brush her teeth, sometimes she does it when she is bored with nothing to do.

32. She always has pixy stix in her car.

33. Although you will never find chewing gum in her purse.

34.She wishes she could take some guitar lessons or piano lessons.

35. She loves when Winter is over and mother nature starts to look alive again.

36. Taking showers in the afternoon is her thing.

37. Window lickers are hilarious, or so she thinks so.

38. She has wanted a Jeep Wrangler ever since she had a pink Barbie wrangler.

39. She owns a tripod and uses it at least five times a week.

40. She was 19 when she ate her first pickle. She really wasn't impressed.

41. She gets a kick out of saying "I hope you enjoyed that half as much as I did, because that means I enjoyed it twice as much as you did."

42. Recently she formed a habit of buying sunglasses. Now she has over 9 pairs.

43. She has only smoked one cigarette; that was her first and last cigarette.

44. Imitating people's voice is one of her true loves.

45. Everytime she goes out, you can bet that she has her camera and her iPod in her pocket. If she is not broke, there is also money in her pocket.

46. She is probably the biggest germaphobe you know; as she frequently uses hand sanitizer. That could be the reason that she very rarely catches a cold.

47. At 5'7'' she is taller than most girls, and if she is standing beside someone (that is not a child) that is more than four inches shorter than her- It makes her feel awkward.

48. She never curses out loud; although she frequenty curses silently in her head and she wishes she could stop that.

49. Once she went to McDonald's and asked for meat loaf as a joke.

50. When she is driving she must have music on; if not, she will go insane.

So, now you know more about the girl behind the picture....

smoke on the water notes for guitar

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smoke on the water notes for guitar
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