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Thick gold bangle. Mundorf silver gold oil. Buy gold bank.

Thick Gold Bangle

thick gold bangle

thick gold bangle - 18K Gold

18K Gold Layered Thick Bamboo Women's Large Bangle Bracelet (Size 7)

18K Gold Layered Thick Bamboo Women's Large Bangle Bracelet (Size 7)

Beautiful 18K Gold Layered bangle bracelet. This is a Size 7 and will fit women with very large hands (and men with large hands.) It is 3 mm wide and 3 inches across the opening. It is a solid circle and does not open, so hand size is more important than wrist size. Size 7 typically fits most women with very large size hands. This item is 18K gold bonded to high quality, polished diamond cut jewelers metal. It is then sealed with an exclusive anti-tarnish coating that results in a beautiful look and shine and luster. Ready for gift giving. Pictures do not do this item justice. It is shiny and beautiful.

77% (17)

Costumes of Rajasthan

Costumes of Rajasthan

Women's Attire
Rajasthani women wear ankle-length long skirts with narrow waist that gain width like an umbrella at the base. It is called 'ghaghara'. However, the length has been kept a little short on purpose, so that foot ornaments are visible. The width and the number of pleats in the 'ghaghara' symbolize one's prosperity. It comes in many colors and styles. The skirt is not folded at the lower end like normal skirts but a broad colored fabric known as sinjaf is sewn underneath to make it stronger. Ghagaras come in many styles but the most popular ones are dyed or printed cotton ghagharas with laharia, mothra and chunari prints just like the turbans of the males. The odhani is a cotton cloth 2.5 to 3 meters long and 1.5 to 2 meters wide that acts as a veil for women.Jewellery
Rajasthani jewellery has a distinctive style. Precious stones, diamonds and emeralds were not only used in ornaments but can also be seen in the hilts of daggers of kings and nobles, which are on display in the various museums. An earring or a pair of studs is common among men along with a gold chain or string of pearls (usually worn by the rich) or even silver 'hansli' (a variation of a thick bracelet worn around the neck usually worn by the peasants or the poor).

brass ornaments made by Bharawas and it was customary for the bridegroom to give 25 kg of jewellery as a dowry. But times have changed and even these women have started using silver or white metal jewellery. There are other communities like Rabaris of Sirohi region and Raikas of Jodhpur region who wear heavy silver jewellery and often use inexpensive glass pieces to decorate them with. One can see captivating designs based on sun, moon, flowers, seeds and leaves on their jewellery. Besides the metal jewellery, Lac jewellery studded with glass pieces can also be coomonly seen in Rajasthan. To the south of Rajasthan, one can see women wearing bangles that are made up of coconut shell with a silver strip set in a groove in the centre.

portal bangle

portal bangle

this bangle is a portal; a subtle tear in time and space, an aperture of imagination....

let your body be the conduit! wear it and you can feel its weight, jangling on your wrist, resting on the top of your hand. touch the inside of the portal and you will discover a secret message, a poetical talisman for you and you alone! travel to the tips of your cortex, envision the ends of the earth --
be a beam of light.

this portal bangle is really something special: made of thick, forged sterling silver, it has some serious heft! along it's outer rim, there are five bezel-set chrysoprase cabochons, scattered amongst discs, dots and rings of sterling silver and 14 karat gold.

the inside of the bangle is inscribed with a quote from william shakespeare's romeo and juliet: "how silver-sweet sound lovers' tongues by night", a sweet nothing romeo whispers after meeting his juliet in the courtyard....

thick gold bangle

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