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Wireless Audio Helmet

wireless audio helmet

2034 Audio Logs S2E11: Happy New Year

2034 Audio Logs S2E11: Happy New Year

Lieutenant Elijah "Cryptid" Wells
January 1st, 2034

"Shit, shit shit...." I breathed to myself. The Urags were back, and were invading Maine yet again. But this time, no scouts caught them first, no warnings were sent out, it was all just a genocidal slaughter house as the Urag's burned down our camp, sparing no lives. I roadie ran across the battle field, hanging my head low as Urag fire blasted through the air, one almost burning a hole straight through me. I dove into cover behind a few sandbags, panting, as a Chieftan lunged forwards. It's chainstaff sent one soldier flying in pieces, crashing to the ground in a bloody mess. I dodged a swing from the staff, before lunging upwards, gripping the staff's handle with my gloved hand. The Chieftan looked bewildered, and seemed to forget to react as I drove the rotating chain blades up it's body, cleaving it in half.
"Yeah! Bring it on you sons of bitches! I've got enough for all of you!" A voice echoed near me, and I turned to see an Urag Grunt topple to the ground, it's skull shattered. A bare-chested USDF soldier with a black fedora on his head stood, looking down with contempt at the shattered corpse. "Get up damnit! Get up so I can fucking kill you AGAIN!"
Two other men made they're way into view beside them, looking less energetic. One had orange hair, a small scar on his lip, and wore the standard issue uniform. The other had a helmet placed on his head, with orange goggles covering his eyes.
"What's you're name and rank, trooper?" I growled, approaching them.
"Sergeant First Class Riddick "Havoc," sir, this is Private Mackenzie Wells and Corporal Jak Smith!" The Fedora wearing man said. Private Wells, huh? Same surname as me...I didn't have a brother did I? He looked similar....I shook the thought away. Surely more people than me had the surname "Wells."
"Lieutenant Elijah Wells," I said.
Private Wells saluted. "What we gonna do now, sir?"
"Drop the "sir" shit, kid. We're not that friendly around here." I growled.
Mackenzie nodded warily. Hoisting up my MGL, I waved my hand. "Come on. The Wolves' rendezvous is over here!"
"The Wolves?" Jak asked. "You're a-"
"Stop asking questions." I barked.

(Sorry, Cryptid's gonna be a bit harsh to all of you're characters for a while. It's for the plot...and anyone who hasn't appeared yet, you'll all be in soon, don't worry ;) )

2034 Audio Log #11: The Kiss

2034 Audio Log #11: The Kiss

I entered the tent and saw a bed with Selbz waiting for me. She got up and walked towards me. She ran her fingers down the side of my cheek and we got closer. We both moved our heads slowly together until out lips met. I held her close as I rested her on the bed. She flipped me to the bottom and then I removed my chest armour. She sat there on her knees and started to remove her armour as well. We both laughed and I once felt happy for myself. Then she whispered in my ear, “I…love…you Klip” and she looked at me.

1 hour later.

I slipped back into my uniform. I was doing up my boots when I looked over at Selbz. She was tying a bandana around her knee and smiling. I went back to doing up my boots and also smiled. I walked out of the tent where I found Cryptid back in camp sitting down, a picture in his hand. He looked up at me and then shook his head. Had he know what Selbz and I did? I walked towards a fellow USDF sniper named Dagger. He had been here for awhile but I had ignored him because of his scars. He seemed like a solo sort of guy. I plunked myself beside him and stuck out my hand. “Names Klip” I spoke as he shook my hand, “Nice to meet you, names Dagger” He mumbled. I relaxed my grip. Then the Chief walked over to me and Dagger.

“Get up you two he said” kicking my boot, “I’ll go fetch Cryptid and Selbz and meet you guys back here. I nodded and Dagger gave a hard stare. I had a feeling that he and the Chief didn’t have a very good past. I waited till they came back and then The Chief came and gave us orders. “I’m sending you guys to a town out west, I’ve heard there has been some rebellion members making a riot and I want you to see what there up to. Don’t kill any of them unless the open fire on you.” I looked over at Cryptid and remembered he had been on a mission like this a while back. Then I looked over at Selbz and Dagger. He gave grunt and we went over to the armory and got our supplies. Selbz didn’t put on her bandana over her mouth; instead she got a strap that she put over her shoulder. I took the oxygen tank but passed on the helmet. I put a bandana over my forehead and we headed out of camp. Then Selbz said something to me. “Thanks for coming” I smiled at her and she giggled. Dagger looked at me and smirked. I gave him a friendly bump on the shoulder and he gave a little grin.

Now I don't wanna seem like a perv so ya. I was insprired by Mass Effect 2 xD!

wireless audio helmet

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