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Good Cook Bad Cook : Simple Sugar Cookie Recipes : 9 Qt Slow Cooker.

Good Cook Bad Cook

good cook bad cook

    good cook
  • The Good Cook was a series of instructional cookbooks published by Time-Life Books and edited by cookbook author Richard Olney. Each volume was dedicated to a specific subject (such as meat or poultry) and was heavily illustrated with photos of cooking techniques.

  • that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency; "take the bad with the good"

  • having undesirable or negative qualities; "a bad report card"; "his sloppy appearance made a bad impression"; "a bad little boy"; "clothes in bad shape"; "a bad cut"; "bad luck"; "the news was very bad"; "the reviews were bad"; "the pay is bad"; "it was a bad light for reading"; "the movie was a

  • Badly

  • badly: with great intensity (`bad' is a nonstandard variant for `badly'); "the injury hurt badly"; "the buildings were badly shaken"; "it hurts bad"; "we need water bad"



Took a good look in my fridge and realized that if didn't do something about last week's veggie delivery before it went bad, the karmic debt might crush my soul.

So I sent the dad and the kid upstairs for bath & stories, cracked open the very last bottle of my favorite Rioja (as an incentive), honed the knife, and started chopping for that Pioneer Woman Cooks! salad that's been sweeping through our little group here.

People, that was a lot of chopping. Three glasses of wine later I was finally cleaning off the counters.

I forgot to cook the pasta though (hi, 3 glasses of wine), so I'll have to finish it off tomorrow.



Jehane's been encouarging me to start a project like hers so, with all the best intentions in the world, here it is.

A 52 week portrait set, starting with one of the worst shots I've ever taken.

I'm not overly keen on shots of myself, but what I thought I'd do is take shots of me doing the things that make me who I am starting with this, Cooking.

This is me in the process of making home-made sushi and, in the oven and out of sight, the brownies are slowly cooking.

Here's hoping I can actually make 52 of these, and get better in the meantime.

good cook bad cook

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