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Gut violin strings - Used selmer saxophone - Blue pocket trumpet

Gut Violin Strings

gut violin strings

  • Hang (something) so that it stretches in a long line

  • string section: the section of an orchestra that plays stringed instruments

  • (string) thread on or as if on a string; "string pearls on a string"; "the child drew glass beads on a string"; "thread dried cranberries"

  • Be arranged in a long line

  • (string) a lightweight cord

  • Thread (a series of small objects) on a string

  • A stringed musical instrument of treble pitch, played with a horsehair bow. The classical European violin was developed in the 16th century. It has four strings and a body of characteristic rounded shape, narrowed at the middle and with two f-shaped sound holes

  • Violin was the first album released by violinst Vanessa-Mae. It was recorded in October 1990, near her 12th birthday, and released shortly afterwards in March 1991. Vanessa-Mae contributed her royalties from the album to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

  • bowed stringed instrument that is the highest member of the violin family; this instrument has four strings and a hollow body and an unfretted fingerboard and is played with a bow

  • (violinist) a musician who plays the violin

  • Remove or extract the most important parts of (something) in a damaging or destructive manner

  • Take out the intestines and other internal organs of (a fish or other animal) before cooking it

  • Remove or destroy completely the internal parts of (a building or other structure)

  • intestine: the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus

  • empty completely; destroy the inside of; "Gut the building"

  • a narrow channel or strait

Viola da Gamba

Viola da Gamba

I went to a house concert - on the programme was music for two viola da gambas played by Les Voix Humaines.

For the uninitiated, this may look like a cello but there are many differences. Like the better known violin family, viola da gambas come in different sizes. However, the shape is slightly different. All viola da gambas are played held on or between the legs (gamba - leg in Italian). They have frets which can be moved slightly to alter the tuning. They usually have 6 strings, though this is not always the case.. The one above has 6, the one below has 7 - an addition that was made to some French viols to add a lower note. Strings are made of gut, which require more frequent tuning as they are more prone to stretching and slipping than metal strings.

Cat gut violin strings

Cat gut violin strings

The cat was curled up and fast asleep in BK's violin case when I got there this evening. True to his usual form, by the time I had run around getting batteries and checking the camera, he had woken up, but he must be getting slow as I would normally have gotten just a picture of a violin case and the tip of a tail.

gut violin strings

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