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Second Hand Music Instruments

second hand music instruments

    music instruments
  • (Music Instrument) A musical instrument is constructed or used for the purpose of making the sounds of music. In principle, anything that produces sound can serve as a musical instrument. The history of musical instruments dates back to the beginnings of human culture.

    second hand
  • from a source of previously owned goods; "I prefer to buy second hand"

  • An extra hand in some watches and clocks that moves around to indicate the seconds

  • an intermediate person; used in the phrase `at second hand'; "he could learn at second hand from books"

  • hand marking seconds on a timepiece

Harper's Hands

Harper's Hands

DS580 Make a close-up photograph of something. Fill the frame with your subject if you can.
For ODC - Begins with the letter "H"

Although originally trained as a keyboardist, my "second instrument" was the Celtic harp. I performed in many different venues, including dinner parties at the Governor's Mansion in Olympia WA, and mostly played my own compositions. One of them supplied the title for this image. To quote a feature article in the Daily Olympian, "Watching her play, it is easy to get the idea she is as delicate as the music. It's important to recall that her other job is as a ranger at Mt. Rainier National Park." Yep, that was me they were talking about.

It's been twenty-plus years since I gave a public performance. I am so rusty now that I'd probably have trouble picking out a simple tune. But it wouldn't take long before the Harper's Hands remembered the positions so long practiced, I'm sure. Maybe now that I've dragged one harp out of the closet, I should sit down and make music once again.

As always, I ask that you please refrain from posting graphics in your comments. Thanks.

Music Shop On Capel Street

Music Shop On Capel Street

J McNeill is a music shop. They sell a selection of familiar and traditional acoustic instruments, both new and second-hand. Customers can also pick up music books, accessories and drop their own instruments in for repair.

second hand music instruments

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