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Lexington Kids Furniture

lexington kids furniture

    kids furniture
  • Kids furniture is specially designed for kids. It is usually designed with eye-catching colors and styles that are suitable for children. Some kids furniture is designed with space-saving functions like storage drawers and desks built into the beds.

  • town in eastern Massachusetts near Boston where the first battle of the American Revolution was fought

  • The Lexington was an automobile manufactured in Connersville, Indiana, from 1910 to 1927. From the beginning, Lexingtons, like most other Indiana-built automobiles, were assembled cars, built with components from many different suppliers.

  • A city in central Kentucky; pop. 260,512. It is a noted horse-breeding center

  • A residential town in northeastern Massachusetts, northwest of Boston; pop. 28,970. In 1775, it was the scene of the first battle in the American Revolution

  • a city in eastern Kentucky; noted for raising thoroughbred horses

lexington kids furniture - Lexington Collection

Lexington Collection 38" TV Stand

Lexington Collection 38

3127605 South Shore's stylish and family-friendly furniture is made of laminated engineered wood, which gives it great strength and durability. They use wood panels entirely made from recovered and recycled material. While they do their share to preserve the environment by conserving our forests, South Shore Industries makes no compromise when it comes to quality and product durability. These quality products are designed for easy maintenance and offered at very competitive prices. This modern TV stand is a great fit in any living room or bedroom. Its two doors enclose one adjustable shelf each, and there are two more adjustable shelves in the open center storage space. There are also holes for wiring in the back panel, keeping those pesky wires organized. This TV stand can be used alone, or with the Lexington Collection Bookcases and Bridge to form a large entertainment center. The Charcoal and Black Onyx finish, and the metal handles and legs give this TV stand a modern, youthful spirit. No matter which way you use it, this TV stand is durable and will add a modern touch to any room's decor. Features: -Charcoal and Black Onyx finish -Constructed of particleboard with a laminate finish -Assembly required -5-year manufacturer's limited warranty -Overall dimensions: 25'' H x 38'' W x 24'' D About South Shore Industries: South Shore Industries Ltd. brings over 65 years experience to the manufacturing of its furniture products and boasts a highly skilled production team with an eye for detail. A recognized leader in North American furniture manufacture, South Shore Industries was established in 1940 and has been making furniture for three generations. Employing a team of over 1000 employees in three factories in Quebec, their assembled and ready-to-assemble furniture has a reputation for quality and excellence at affordable prices for today's family. Protecting our Environment for Generations to Come! South Shore Furniture is proudly taking a stand on its environment

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Telegram 1940

Telegram 1940

I found this in with some old pictures. The story is that we were leaving Lexington to move to Hazard. Daddy went on ahead to take a job at the Major store. Mama and the three kids -- I was 7 --remained in Lexington long enough to sell the furniture and then we went by train to Hazard. I don't remember anything about the train ride except getting off in Hazard and walking across the bridge to the store. it was a very short walk. We got an efficiency apartment near the bottom of Baker Hill and moved in as quickly as we could carry our suit cases up to the apartment. Looking back, it was the easiest move we ever made.

In 1940, the quickest and easiest way to go from anywhere to almost anywhere else, was by train. Local trains traveled at speeds around 40 or 50 mph, but 60 was possible on long runs with few curves. They stopped at most small towns, sometimes called "whistle stops," and sometimes if they didn't stop, the mail car would snag a mailbag with a hook as they passed.

As you can see in the telegram, trains went to Hazard Kentucky, population about 8000 in those days, but still one of the larger towns in Eastern Kentucky. My arithmetic tells me that it took 4 and a half hours. It must have been a local with several stops along the way. The distance by highway was 140 miles, but the rail road route was likely shorter.

This seems like a slow way to travel, but in those days, trains usually made a trip quicker than a car. On long runs, faster trains with fewer stops would get you there much quicker than if you drove your car.

Ask any old timer who remembers before the war and most will tell you that the train stopped in their town, no matter how small. The bus usually stopped there too.

The misspelled name on the telegram is a common error. You can spell out Murrill to people and they will write down an e instead of an i. It still happens all the time. Even the spell checker thinks I spelled my own name wrong.

Black eye and ragged hair

Black eye and ragged hair

I'm 11 months.. with a black eye... a common occurrence from slamming into furniture.

The terrycloth onesie looks comfy.

lexington kids furniture

lexington kids furniture

V. Panton S Chair - White Stack

Verner Panton trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In Copenhagen he initially worked in Arne Jacobsen's, who designed the Egg Chair architectural practice. Verner Panton established his own design office in 1955. Later with the Verner Panton chair, he is credited first with the design of the very first single-form injection-molded plastic chair -the Stacking chair designed in 1960. Verner Panton was also the first to create inflatable furniture. One of the highlights of Verner Panton 's career is the Fantasy Landscapes he created for Bayer in 1968 that have now achieved cult status. Panton thought and created with the imaginary vision of a child, in bold colors and shapes - quite evident in the Panton chair. He died in 1998. Verner Panton stated "The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination. Most people spend their lives housed in dreary, grey-beige conformity, mortally afraid of using colors." Verner Panton also said, "By experimenting with lighting, colors, textiles, and furniture, like the Verner Panton Chair and utilizing the latest technologies, I try to show new ways, to encourage people to use their fantasy and make their surroundings more exciting." The Verner Panton chair is still one of the most popular modern chairs today. The new polypropelene version of the panton chair is readily available. Verner Panton lives on in his vision thru items like the panton chair and other awesome designs.

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