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Bed Rugs For Trucks

bed rugs for trucks

    bed rugs
  • (Bed Rug) Carpet composed of gray fiber that is able to resist many solvents and chemicals and is both water and stain-resistant.

  • (truck) convey (goods etc.) by truck; "truck fresh vegetables across the mountains"

  • hand truck: a handcart that has a frame with two low wheels and a ledge at the bottom and handles at the top; used to move crates or other heavy objects

  • A large, heavy motor vehicle, used for transporting goods, materials, or troops

  • A wheeled vehicle, in particular

  • A railroad vehicle for carrying freight, esp. a small open one

  • (truck) an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling

Ram 392 Quick Silver

Ram 392 Quick Silver

The Ram 392 Quick Silver began life as a 2011 Ram R/T. A 470 horsepower, 392 HEMI V-8 from the SRT lineup was dropped in and mated to the R/T’s 4.10 gear set and a high-stall converter. For additional performance, the Ram 392 is equipped with a cold-air intake kit and headers featuring an electronic exhaust cutout for maximum power and sound at the track.

For normal driving, a cat-back dual exhaust system intensifies the HEMI rumble. To improve braking performance, discs and calipers are replaced with a Brembo big brake kit, featuring 15-inch vented rotors and bright silver six-piston calipers in the front and rear. With the exception of a gloss black roof, the body is finished in a three-stage bright silver while the wheels, grille inserts, mirrors and select interior trim components are coated in anodized red paint.

A Mopar Underground, reverse deep-cowl aluminum hood design with functional heat extractors is inspired by the new Dodge Charger SRT8 and smoked lenses cover all exterior lighting. The Ram 392 Quick Silver is lowered 2 inches with the help of a custom suspension kit. The “slammed” look is made more evident by a Mopar body kit, consisting of sill and box pieces, finished up with a chin spoiler.

Mopar Underground added their 22-inch wheels wrapped in 275/45R22 tires up front and 305/40R22 tires in the rear. A Mopar hard tonneau cover with a unique integrated spoiler redirects the air for additional down force at high speeds and Mopar’s Bed Rug protects the paint. The interior features high-bolster SRT seats covered in Katzkin leather with red stitching and accents to match the steering wheel, instrument panel and Laramie Longhorn inspired leather shift knob, door panels and center console trim.

A set of Mopar Pedals and door sills are installed giving the interior an additional splash of functional aesthetics. Music is blasted through Kicker speakers, including tweeters in the instrument panel, mids in the doors and in the back, and woofers in the doors leaving plenty of room for gear behind the seats. Simply put, the Ram 392 Quick Silver is designed to be a truck that would appropriately share a garage with a Dodge Viper.

savior with his pals

savior with his pals

Now that I am working in rural southwestern Missouri, I am experiencing some of the things that come with the lifestyle of this area. For instance, I now do most of my shopping at the Wal-Mart Super Center either in Nixa or Branson West. I have been to Wal-Mart more times in the last month than in all my previous years. Today I went in to Nixa for some supplies on what was a cold and rainy day. When I returned to my jobsite on Reno Springs Road, I spotted a dog laying in the ditch just up from the driveway. I thought it had been hit, so i parked in the driveway and walked back up to see what the problem was. I was afraid that I would find a badly injured dog, but instead, I found this male sitting protectively by two small black puppies who were huddled and shivering in the weeds behind him. The older dog was wearing a collar. Had he just happened upon these abandoned pups, or was he dumped with them? I went back and got my truck and pulled up to the three of them. I loaded the pups in the back and then picked up the larger dog and boosted him up. He was limping a little, but seemed ok.
I took them back to the house owned by my friends Phil and Jane, and put them in the milk barn behind the house. I decided that since I had picked them up, I was going to have to feed them and give them some beds. So, back to Wal-Mart. Twice in one day. I picked up food, water and food bowls, a little bed for the pups and a rug for their protector. They were really happy to get the food and water and to be in out of the rain.
They now have names. I have named the big guy "Savior" since he seems to be protecting the pups that were left in his charge. The little guys are "Pepe" on the left in the crate, and "Paulo".
Now what do I do?

bed rugs for trucks

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