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Demi Lovato Make Up Games

demi lovato make up games

Im not here for your entertainment;

Im not here for your entertainment;

i think a lot of people need to follow this.

So many people hate. So many people. And for absolutley stupid reasons, too. Jealousy, envy, just the thrill to hate. etc.
Im here just to say and make a pointer or two.

Demi; Changing.
- First of all, everyone changes. You honestly can't expect yourself to be the excact same person all your freaking life. Demi is changing into a much more mature person. She went from a rocker to a glamour girl. Ooh, suddenly shes a bad girl. Really? Grow the heck up.
- Secondly Who are YOU to judge her? She has enough stress with being in Hollywood. Does she need a hater? No.

Demi; friendship w/Selena.
- So many people are pulling for a Selena and Demi best friend reunion. Newsflash: They are STILL friends. I'll admit, they're not as tight as they used to be. What do you expect? Demi's got a TV Show and a soon tour. Selena has movies coming out, and a TV Show. They don't have time to get on the phone just to say "hi!".
- What do you want from them? To bend over and kiss eachothers asses everyday?! They need space too! I have a best friend and we're not obessivley over at each others houses and talking.Even the tightest knit friends need air to breathe.
- You people have so much expectation from them. Its as if, if they're not seen together, OMIGOSH THEY'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE?!? Really? And if you are saying that? You need to chill or get laaaaaaaaid.

Demi; "Fake"
- People who state that so unreasonable adjective to sum her up, are stupid. Shes the realest person in Hollywood! Wanna see fake? Google Heidi Montag.


Miley; Clothes.
- For some reason this is a major bump for a lot of people. Its weird, you know? Because, um, it was okay for Britney to wear crop tops in her music videos and sexy school outfits at 16. But if Miley wears something that goes above her knees, shes a whore. Lady Gaga shows up to a Yankees game in nothing but black lingerie and an open jersey. Oh, but thats nothing compared to Miley showing the back of her bra in the spider web inspired shirt. And recently, Kendall Kardashian posed in a bikini and shes only fourteen. Miley--seventeen--if she did that she's a major slut. What the fuck?! Stop being a shmuck and a hypocrite. Stop saying its okay for Britney and Gaga and Kendall and make exceptions for Miley just because you hate/dislike her.
- She should be allowed to wear whatever the fuck she wants. You probably don't like it when people cut down on your for whatever you wear, so why do it to someone else.

Miley; Music.
- No one excepts that Miley wants to move on. She is seven-freaking-teen. You really think she wants to sing Childrens Bubblegum Pop? C'mon now! Im twelve freaking years old and I don't even listen to Bubblegum Pop! You need to accept that!
- If you don't like it! Turn off the radio!

Miley; Attitude
- Everyone acts like Miley is such a diva and that she is spoiled. All I have to say is, have you ever met her? Has she ever made you bring things to her dressing room. And dont give me that bullshit story about how you read about in tabloids. Those stories are almost never fcuking true.
- Ever heard of Liberty of Speech. She's allowed to say whatever she wants. And haters, dont try to make it aply to yourselfs. Besides, the shit you say probably ain't even true.

Mess with Demi or Miley,
and you miss with me.

demi lovato

demi lovato

demi lovato

DeMi LoVaTo

Demi Lovato


demi lovato make up games

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