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Makeup Tips For 40 Year Olds. Eye Shadow Make Up Tips. Eyebrow Powder Makeup.

Makeup Tips For 40 Year Olds

makeup tips for 40 year olds

makeup tips for 40 year olds - The 40-Year-Old

The 40-Year-Old Virgin [Blu-ray]

The 40-Year-Old Virgin  [Blu-ray]

The outrageous and unforgettable comedy delivers more laughs in this all-new special edition filled with hours of never-before-experienced pleasures! With loads of new bonus features and deleted scenes, this hilarious 2-disc set is even better than the first time. Comedy sensation Steve Carell is Andy Stitzer, a nice guy who has somehow managed to go forty years without "doing it." When his pals make it their mission to help him score, their misguided advice takes him on a hilarious journey toward love.

Cult comic actor Steve Carell--long adored for his supporting work on The Daily Show and in movies like Bruce Almighty and Anchorman--leaps into leading man status with The 40 Year-Old Virgin. There's no point describing the plot; it's about how a 40 year-old virgin named Andy (Carell) finally finds true love and gets laid. Along the way, there are very funny scenes involving being coached by his friends, speed dating, being propositioned by his female manager, and getting his chest waxed. Carell finds both humor and humanity in Andy, and the supporting cast includes some standout comic work from Paul Rudd (Clueless, The Shape of Things) and Jane Lynch (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind), as well as an unusually straight performance from Catherine Keener (Lovely & Amazing, Being John Malkovich). And yet... something about the movie misses the mark. It skirts around the topic of male sexual anxiety, mining it for easy jokes, but never really digs into anything that would make the men in the audience actually squirm--and it's a lot less funny as a result. Nonetheless, there are many great bits, and Carell deserves the chance to shine. --Bret Fetzer

79% (17)

Effenaar 40 year anniversary poster

Effenaar 40 year anniversary poster

poster for concert hall Effenaar, Eindhoven.
In 2011 Effenaar celebrates it's 40th anniversary and to kick off this year they organise a big New Years Eve event! I was asked to design a 2 poster campaign for the event. One typographic and this illustrated one with 40 years of pop culture. I started with the seventies at the bottom and worked my way up until now.

You can leave notes if you recognise any elements or artists!

UK - Oxon - Balloon Flight - 40 Years Old

UK - Oxon - Balloon Flight - 40 Years Old

At this point I'd just like to say a big thanks to my Mum for getting me the Balloon trip for my 40th Birthday last year.

Looking up into the interior of the Balloon, I've flipped the shot so that the text is readable. And yes, I am aware of referencing a successful American Film comedy with the photo / title combination but I just thought I'd pre-empt any of the obvious jokes that you might want to make.

makeup tips for 40 year olds

makeup tips for 40 year olds

40 Years of Queen

The first authorized, comprehensive history of one of the biggest rock bands ever, with never-before-seen photos and memorabilia, on their 40th anniversary

Years after the death of their larger-than-life frontman Freddie Mercury, the music of mega-selling Queen endures. We've heard their songs in Wayne's World and Glee, and they helped give Lady Gaga her name. Their musical We Will Rock You has been seen by five million theatergoers in seven countries. Queen's had chart-topping success, and sold hundreds of millions of CDs, DVDs, and videos. They've broken records (biggest ever paying crowd, longest number of weeks on the charts) and received awards and accolades including induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2002.

40 Years of Queen is the first authorized band book, and includes an introduction by Brian May and Roger Taylor. It tells the unique story of a fantastically talented and popular group of musicians whose sound and performances changed rock music. Featuring 200 photographs--some rare and never-before-published--and removable memorabilia, 40 Years of Queen is the book fans have been waiting decades for.

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