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Beautiful Cooking Watch Online : Metropolitan Cooking And Entertaining Show 2011 Washington Dc

Beautiful Cooking Watch Online

beautiful cooking watch online

    beautiful cooking
  • Beautiful Cooking (Traditional Chinese: , literally: Beautiful Girl's Kitchen) is a Hong Kong variety show broadcast on TVB. The show began broadcasting in May 28, 2006 hosted by Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong and Edmond Leung. The second season began broadcast from April 5, 2009.

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Jade Nguyen's Diary

Jade Nguyen's Diary

Hey, It's Jade. Read all about me :)

Dear Diary,
*Sigh*, Nothing fun in school so I decided to pull out my magazines and look at some fashions. I then took out my papers and pencils and started doodling some clothes and after class, I showed them to my friends and all of them loved it. Except Cleo thought that they needed some gold and rejected them. I stayed up all night designing them and feel asleep the next day. it was hard work but it did pay off :P

Dear Diary,
EEEEEEEK, We're going to a fancy restaurant and before we left, Roxxi snucked a rat in Cleo's room and when we left the corner, Me, Roxxi, and Joelle heard a loud screech and Cleo immediately blamed it on Deuce. Of course he was really confused and we never even told her. When we were finished, Cleo wore this GIGANTIC dress and it was impossible for her to get in the car. So I pulled out my scissors out of my purse and started cutting it to something gorgeous for the night. Cleo yelled at me for cutting the dress and told that she hated it but when we arrived at the restaurant, She began twirling around in her dress. We got inside and we began to order. We began eating but Cleo kept yelling she wanted her money back since she disliked the food, It was embarrassing and when she went to sleep when we arrived home after 10, All 9 of us promise we would just drop her off to a mall when we go to a special event

Dear Diary,
It was Sunday morning, Me and Draculaura woke up and decided to go online. We were listening to music til everyone woke up. Deuce cooked us some eggs, bacon, and pancakes and they were delicious! Oh and we have this thing called "Go Sees" when I'm in a crisis and here's how it works, When we arrive to the mall, All 10 of us have to bring a sketch pad and we have about 2 hours to find a design and sketch it out, When 2 hours pass, We meet with each other and show the designs, But when one of us are late, We also congratulate them but Cleo thinks they should be punished XP

Dear Diary,
I love my friends but there's one thing that I'm a little jealous, and it's Deuce. He sometimes like to take Draculaura away. We were about to go out for a G.N.O. but he didn't tell me that him and Draculaura had plans and I had to take Kumi out with me. One day, I had enough, We were about to go window-shopping but Deuce told me that him and her were going to a restaurant and I immediataly blew up and told him that me and Draculaura were going out and it got into an argument, Draculaura heard everything and told us to what was wrong. We told her about it and she had an idea and she told us that maybe we can do a pattern like this, One day, I hang out with Draculaura and then next week, Deuce hangs with her. We were totally fine with it. But i still am a little jealous of Deuce though.

Dear Diary,
Eeeeeek, All of us went to a party club and this techno music came on and It was soooooooooooooooooo FUN!!!!!! Deuce and Draculaura were dancing the night out. Joelle, Phoebe, Carrie, Kumi, Roxxi, and I began dancing to the beat and we had a dancing battle. Me, Phoebe, and Carrie V.S. Joelle, Roxxi, and Kumi. We danced to the battle and in the end. Me, Phoebe, and Carrie won the battle. Cleo and Leora was flirting with alot of boys but we didn't bother to care. We never wanted to leave and the dance was electrified and crazy.

Dear Diary,
Deuce wanted to apologize about what happened with out fight and even bought me about 50% off coupon for me and Draculaura to go shopping and I accepted his apology and we became friends again. He promised that he would give me some time with Draculaura! OMG he is the coolest guy ever. But I'm still jealous about him. But I don't want to tell him out he'll stone me to death LOL

Dear Diary,
We had a barbecue last night and It was sooooo awesome! We did it at Roxxi and Phoebe's house and we stayed up all night. Deuce made some delicious burgers and they were like large size and It was good. Draculaura made some veggie burgers for us and she made them really good. Even Cleo enjoyed it! We had dessert. Roxxi and Phoebe's mother made a yummy Cookie and Cream cake and we wolfed it down. When we were done, We watched the stars and they were beautiful. It was like I was flying around the night in a long gorgeous dress. At 3.00 a.m. We all went home and I couldn't sleep. I decided to call Draculaura and we talked about the barbecue. I could never forget that night ^_^

All about myself
Name-Jade Nguyen
Likes-Vietnamese singer Minh Tuyet, Crispin Freeman, Pink and Black Fashion, Wolf's Rain(yes she loves anime), and Wolves cuz of u know why
Dislikes-clothes that are too girly, school cuz she doesnt get to sing or desig



what remains...

While watching the online workshop with Penny I was making gelee from the lilacs I had picked earlier in the day. After squeezing the leftover flowers afetr cooking this beautiful shape remained.

beautiful cooking watch online

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