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Second Hand Hockey Skates

second hand hockey skates

    hockey skates
  • Ice skates are boots with blades attached to the bottom, used to propel oneself across a sheet of ice. They are worn as footwear in many sports, including ice hockey, bandy and figure skating.

  • (hockey skate) an ice skate worn for playing hockey; has a short blade and a strong boot to protect the feet and ankles

    second hand
  • hand marking seconds on a timepiece

  • An extra hand in some watches and clocks that moves around to indicate the seconds

  • an intermediate person; used in the phrase `at second hand'; "he could learn at second hand from books"

  • from a source of previously owned goods; "I prefer to buy second hand"

Take What is Yours

Take What is Yours

My wife and I recently watched Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole. It didn't make an owl lover out of my wife, but she enjoyed it a lot more than she thought she would. I thought it was fantastic, but the realization that I've never seen an owl in the city, let alone at a time when there's enough light for photography, had me a bit down.

I set out to the North Woods this morning, hopeful that I might spot an owl. The entire forest was silent, save for a few squirrels that scurried around the forest floor. Eventually I came upon a woman throwing bread out for the animals. Initially it was only attracting squirrels, but as I waited, birds took notice and began to flock to the area. I'd settle for that.

As I was considering heading home early, I spotted a hawk silently descending on a squirrel. I was too slow to get my camera up and capture the scene - the squirrel scrambled to safety, and the hawk flew to a branch, resting briefly before flying farther into the forest. It wasn't an owl, but I felt lucky to have seen it all the same. (Note: based on my uploads and outings it probably seems that there are a million hawks in Central Park, but they're rarer than that.)

I waited around, hopeful that the hawk might return and make another grab at the squirrel, but it didn't seem to be returning. A dog-walker came up to me, asking if I had seen any peregrine falcons in the park. I have not, but he apparently had seen some. We chatted briefly, and he informed me that he has seen a number of hawks in a section of the North Woods that I've only visited during the summer. (This lens has drawn more comments and conversation from other photographers and birding enthusiasts than any other - it's the large lens effect that I've mentioned before.)

After we parted ways, I ventured to the area that he had mentioned and began to wander. Within minutes, I spotted a hawk. What luck! It wasn't very active, and after watching it for close to 15 minutes, I began to wonder whether I should go home. It then flew in the direction I had come from. I followed it and was able to find it within the trees. I sat, watching.

What happened next was rather interesting. I could hear squirrels calling to each other, presumably alerting others to the presence of the hawk. A while later, the hawk leaped and made a grab at a squirrel on a nearby branch. It was close, but the squirrel escaped. Dog-walkers, joggers, and nature wanderers continued along on the trails below; cheers from a hockey game erupted from the nearby Central Park ice skating rink, all oblivious to the balance of life and death that was occurring in the trees above.

While the squirrel had survived the attempt, it did not dash away. Instead, it remained among the upper tree branches, in sight of the hawk. Minutes passed. The hawk occasionally looked around; the squirrel moved a few short distances. Eventually, the hawk tried again for the squirrel, but didn't come close. I witnessed a few more grab efforts, and some seemed rather clumsy. Near the end of my observation, I wondered if the squirrel was playing games with the hawk. It wasn't exactly scrambling away. In fact, at one point the squirrel and hawk were both on the same large, elbow-shaped tree branch; the squirrel occupied the vertical segment, and to my amazement, climbed back up (toward the hawk), peeked at the bird, climbed back down, and then went back up to take a second look. By this time the rest of the squirrels had cleared out, and no warning calls were being made.

This photo was taken as the hawk leaped into flight during one of its grab attempts. Holding the camera and lens upward for long periods of time was pretty trying, and I'm glad I was able to hold it steady enough to lock focus and get a sharp image. A monopod has definitely made it to my wishlist...

I did not see how the hawk and squirrel ended, as I had to return home for lunch.

This is a red-tailed hawk (probably), as seen in the North Woods of Central Park, New York City. Taken with an Olympus E-3, hand-held with image stabilization disabled, ISO 1600 with Apple Aperture's noise reduction applied. Lens used was a Sigma 50-500mm "Bigma" at 500mm (1000mm equivalent field of view), uncropped photo. Distance to subject (according to EXIF, which may be inaccurate) was 18 meters, or 59 feet.



This is my AuNTM Round 3 entry. I Like it. I really like the hair and accessories. ( Ps Totally made the dress! Yay First time ), but the pose I think is crap. If I wasn't such a procrastinator I bet it could look a loott better. :(


So I was tagged too..
by: illy.

The game is: Post any photo and describe 16 things about yourself, then you get to tag more people

1. I'm only 19 and I'm about to purchase my second home.
2. I have two dogs, that I love to death, but am not a dog person.
3. I am a Cake Decorator, even though I'm the worst speller ever!.
4. I am obsessed with vampires (and was before the big fad started )
5. I'm a huge hockey fan, yet I can't skate very well.
6. I've been "married" for almost three years.
7. I love the cold! Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. ( cold isn't -12 degrees C by the way Lol )
8. Music is my life! I have to have music playing or I go insane.
9. I'm so pale I have to fake bake to look normal.
10. I'm in love with cooking and baking. (I would always cook with my dad, he taught me everything)
11. My dad passed away my grade 12 year. (RIP Daddy<3)
12. I won an award every year for Varsity Volleyball in Highschool.
13. My house is full of colours. (Office = 3 types orange; Living Room= Bright green; Kitchen = Royal Blue; BA = Yellow; BR = Tan/Brown.)
14. I've only been out of Canada once. ( To Florida)
15. I went to University course in grade 9, for Computer Science. (57 out of 9600 were chosen )
16. I'm a South Paw! ( aka Left handed )

Now Ima tag...

kukaiii, tabbs, RazzaJazza, and JadeO_o

second hand hockey skates

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