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Bravo Sports Quik Shade Weekender 64 Canopy. College Canopies.

Bravo Sports Quik Shade Weekender 64 Canopy

bravo sports quik shade weekender 64 canopy

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bravo sports quik shade weekender 64 canopy - Quik Shade

Quik Shade Weekender 64 Instant Canopy, BLUE

Quik Shade Weekender 64 Instant Canopy, BLUE

Quik Shade Weekender 64 Instant Canopy. Easy shelter from the swelter! Cool, breezy shelter... 64 square feet of it... and it sets up in mere minutes! The pull-pin connector frame assembles in a flash, making this your go-to Canopy for quick-up / quick-down shade for craft expos, outdoor shows, family gatherings and more. You even get a wheeled duffel for easy transport! Made in the shade: Top measures 8 x 8'. Base measures 10 x 10'; Stands 8'9" high, with 6'3" of eave clearance; Durable steel frame with a powder-coat finish for corrosion resistance; 150-denier PU-coated and aluminum backed canopy completely blocks harmful UV rays; Bearings between eaves make for easy set-up; Pull-pin sliders for faster set-up; Durable nylon feet and components keep the Canopy light; Includes a wheeled storage bag and 4 stakes. State Color. Order yours today! Quik Shade Weekender 64 Instant Canopy

80% (17)

Weekender Bag

Weekender Bag

Weekender bag. I'm sorry I didn't take more time to do a better job on cutting out the straps, and matching the pockets. I used leather for the bottom.

Reyna's Weekender

Reyna's Weekender

(Weekender #4)
I am really bummed I only got a iPhone shot of this one before gifting it!
I think I have got the pattern down now.

bravo sports quik shade weekender 64 canopy

bravo sports quik shade weekender 64 canopy

Bravo Sports Ultra Compact Weekender 100 Canopy, Midnight Blue

The Bravo Sports Ultra Compact Weekender 100 comfortably shades 8-12 people in 100 square feet of shade. This canopy folds down to a compact 38 inches. The aluminum backing on the top blocks out 100% UV rays. The spring loaded pull pin sliders and leg extenders allow for quick set up and take down. The frame-integrated hook and loop attachment allows for Quik assembly. This canopy is great for tailgate parties, sports events or parks.

Ideal for weddings, backyard BBQs, and a host of other outdoor occasions, the Bravo Sports Weekender canopy shades from 8 to 12 people at once from the blinding sun. The canopy, which folds down to a compact 38 inches, offers 100 square feet of shade, with an aluminum-backed roof designed to block out 100 percent of UV rays. The Weekender is also a breeze to set up, with spring-loaded pull-pin sliders and leg extenders, along with a frame-integrated hook-and-loop attachment for the top. Best of all, the Weekender fits easily in the trunk of most cars, so you don't need an SUV or truck to transport the canopy. The canopy carries a one-year limited warranty.

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