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Vegetarian Cooking Books

vegetarian cooking books

    cooking books
  • (Cooking book) A cookbook is a book that contains information on cooking. It typically contains a collection of recipes, and may also include information on ingredient origin, freshness, selection and quality.

  • A person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, esp. for moral, religious, or health reasons

  • (vegetarianism) a diet excluding all meat and fish

  • eater of fruits and grains and nuts; someone who eats no meat or fish or (often) any animal products

  • Vegetarianism is the practice of following a plant-based diet including fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, nuts, and seeds, mushrooms, with or without dairy products and eggs.



Today, Stacy and I will be spending the day gorging ourselves on chocolate and wine, as we do a pseudo pub crawl of chocolate and cheese, followed by dinner at one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants( shhhhhh, I'm trying to wooo her).

Ursula Ferrigno author of many vegetarian cook books

Ursula Ferrigno author of many vegetarian cook books

Taken from the back of Ursula's Italian Cakes and Desserts. The author has written a number of her own recipe books, contributed to Cranks books, worked as a tutor at Cordon Vert and generally all round great vegetarian!

vegetarian cooking books

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