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Cooking olive oil bad. Infrared cooking oven. Cooking steak in oven

Cooking Olive Oil Bad

cooking olive oil bad

Mom's giant prawns

Mom's giant prawns

My Mom is a great cook - she is the one who inspired me to cook and be creative in the kitchen! This beautiful dish was prepared by her :-}

This scrumptious dish of giant prawns just melted in your mouth. Having feasted on a copious Easter brunch earlier in the day, this was the perfect dinnerl - light and bursting with incredible flavours!

She used large prawns [5 to 6 per lb (454 g) - with shell on but heads removed]. Shell the prawns. In a large, heavy bottomed frying pan, gently sautee some finely chopped French shallot and sliced green onions [scallions] in lots of butter and a little olive oil. Meanwhile, very lightly dredge the prawns in flour mixed with dried dill, sea salt and a generous amount of freshly ground pepper. Over med-high heat, add prawns and sautee until golden - be very careful not to overcook [there is nothing worse than overdone seafood!]. Immediately remove to hot plates and deglaze pan with a little lemon juice, then add some white wine and a few tablespoonfulls of creme fraiche [or whipping cream if you can't find creme fraiche], stirring continuously with a wooden spoon. Taste and correct seasoning. Spoon on and around prawns.

TipsYou only need a little sauce, but you want it really bursting with flavour! The idea here is to work very fast. The pan must be very hot, the lemon juice will evaporate very quickly and the wine will reduce quickly as well. Once the cream is added and the mixture is hot it's ready. So make sure your plates are hot and have your vegetables and rice/potatoes or whatever you wish ready to serve. The seafood won't wait!!!

Blue Menu omega oil

Blue Menu omega oil

Honestly, I can't tell the difference between good oil or bad oil. I drizzled this on some roasted asparagus. And it seems this blend of flaxseed oil, grapeseed oil and extra virgin olive oil tasted OK, as far as I could tell, so thumbs up.
Note: Flaxseed oil has a low smoking point, so this omega oil may not be well-suited for cooking.
Taste: ??
Would purchase: Sure

cooking olive oil bad

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